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Biker gets rear-ended by a car, guess who was driving – Video

Jake, astride his motorcycle, was seen cruising along the road. He slows down before taking a left. It is at this time that, all of a sudden he was rear-ended by a Hyundai car.

The impact was such that Jake was thrown off the bike. He manages to get up, and have a look at the driver. Instead of going and confronting the driver of the car, he gets down. Because the driver of the car was his own mother.

Obviously, Jake did not take the incident lightly and was evidently upset with his mother though she apologized profusely.

The full video (below) shows that the mother and son were in a conversation earlier in the day about some other person’s health condition. The son then takes off on his bike while his mother follows right behind in her Hyundai sedan. Jake takes to 62nd Avenue South at 3:27, the video shows Jake taking a right turn only to end up rear ended by his mother as she crashes into the back of his bike.

The video shows the mother apparently dumbfounded by the turn of events and is seen hunching over her car in guilt while the son sets off a series of abuses as he is visibly upset about the damage caused to his bike. Jake was unhurt in the incident but shaken and upset at being hit by his own mother.

The irony of the accident is somewhat amusing as at the beginning of the video to mother waves off her son with the warning “Drive safe. Watch out for idiots.”

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