2016 BMW 7 Series prototype crashes into a Mercedes Van, with police men inside

A Mercedes Benz Sprinter Police van was in a hurry when it jumped the red light in Stuttgart, Germany. Apart from the driver, there were three police men inside the van. They were responding to an incident, and thus were in a hurry.

2016 bmw 7 series crash

In comes the next generation BMW 7 Series prototype, which happened to be at the same signal, but at right angle. Wearing full camouflage, as the car is yet to debut, the test driver of this new BMW failed to notice the flashing blue lights of police van. What happened next, can be seen in the images.

The impact of BMW 7 Series prototype hitting the Mercedes Sprinter Police Van was such that the van got pushed into the traffic lights, and then it flipped over. All four inside the van, 3 police men and 1 driver escaped without any major injury. The driver of the BMW too escaped without any major injury. Within minutes of the incident, he covered the car.

2016 bmw 7 series crash

Its anybody’s guess how deep in trouble the BMW test driver is. Unlike India, where you can just abandon your car and abscond from the accident scene, rules in Germany are a bit more strict. Not only the driver will be losing his license for a while, he could also be asked to pay for the damages. As per Spiegel, the estimated cost in damages is about €150,000 (Rs 1.01 crores or $162,405).

This incident also exposed the BMW 7 Series to the locals, who got a good view of the interiors. Apart from this, it also shows how robust and strong is the new 7er or how weak is the Mercedes…