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Wife hammers cheating husband’s BMW 7 Series (Video)

BMW 7 series smashed with hammer

A woman in Shenzhen, China takes a hammer to her husband’s black BMW 740 smashing it while venting her ire over his affair.

Terming the BMW 7 Series 740 worth about 2 million Yuan (£200,000) as ‘dirty’, the wife of the car’s owner smashed the front, sides and rear of the vehicle in anger. This incident occurred on October 19, while witnesses on the scene filmed the entire episode which lasted 20 minutes.

This unidentified woman termed the vehicle as ‘dirty’ after her husband’s mistress sat inside and the incident occurred in the parking lot of her husband’s office where the BMW 740 was parked. While witnesses claim that a security guard tried to stop her, she was heard telling them that it was none of their business. Having smashed the car on all sides, the woman even appealed for help to open the bonnet as she wanted to smash the insides as well.

The smashing of windscreen, sides, windows and lights continued in quick succession even though the woman cut her hand on the glass. The husband seen unperturbed when being notified of his BMW 740 smashed beyond recognition, stating that he would get the vehicle repaired while police are unsure whether the woman will be charged or not.

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