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BMW, Audi and Mercedes Benz global sales Feb 2015 – Report

Though ranked at 3rd, Mercedes Benz posted the highest growth rate.

BMW Group sales during the month of February 2015 increased 5.2% as against sales in the same month of the previous year, with 131,416 BMW vehicles delivered in February 2015 as compared to 124,952 units sold in February 2014. Year to date sales also saw a notable increase with 255,981 units sold as compared to 242,130 units sold in the same period a year ago.

The new BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer.

Taking sales of BMW, MINI and Rolls Royce into account, sales during February stood at 151,952 units, up 7.6% as against sales in February 2014 which stood at 141,207 units. Sales of BMW 2 Series totalled 7,302 units during February while 2 Series Active Tourer sales stood at 5,360 units 9,636 units of BMW 4 Series were delivered to customers during February while BMW X4 which was just launched in summer last year saw deliveries of 4,040 units. BMW X5 sales increased 46.0% with 12,916 units delivered while BMW X6 sales were also up 5.9% at 2,819 units. Demand was also seen for the company’s i vehicles with 1,824 i3S and 341 i8s sold to customers during the past month.

The company is confident of this increased sales momentum continuing through the year, especially with the new BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer and new BMW 1 Series having made their premiere at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

The new Audi Q3.

Audi AG deliveries during February 2015 were at 122,550 units making it the 50th consecutive record breaking month for the company in the US markets with sales up 4.2%. Increased sales were noted in all markets while the company looks ahead to increased sales in the months ahead with the new A6 due to be launched in the US. Audi A3 sales increased 47.4% while the sales of Audi A6 saw a 10.8% increase. Since start of this year, deliveries across the globe have increased 7.4% to 260,250 units.

In Chinese markets it was the long wheelbase variant of A6 that was in most demand with sales during February 2015 at 10,168 units, up 18.9% as compared to sales in the same month of the previous year. This was despite the fact that sales month was shorter due to the Chinese New Year celebrations.

The new Mercedes Benz C Class.

Apart from BMW and Audi, Mercedes Benz also reported increased sales in February 2015. The company reported a 14.6% increase in sales during the past month as against 120,270 units sold in February 2014 with C Class Sedans and Estates along with SUVs and compact cars being the most in demand. Sales in Germany increased 33% while sales in Italy were up 45% making these the company’s biggest markets.

Mercedes Benz was market leader in US markets where premium manufacturers were concerned. Sales in Europe stood at 50,550 units, while in the UK sales increased 19.5% during the month. Sales in Poland were up 92.5%, in Spain 39.6% and in Sweden sales increased 34.9%. Sales in the Asia Pacific region increased 15.5% to 37,992 units while sales in China were up 13.6% to 19,979 units. It was also in Japan that Mercedes Benz was market leaders with sales up 3.6% to 5,240 units.

In the first two months of this year, Mercedes Benz sold 63,878 C Class while 15,024 units of S Class were sold with a 4.2% increase in sales as against the same period in 2014. The company also experienced a 31.1% increase in sales of SUVs while the outgoing G Class also received extra attention with a 17.6% increase in sales. The company expects this trend to continue, especially with the new Mercedes Benz CLA Shooting Brake to make its way to dealer showrooms by the end of this month.

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