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BMW leads new-car sales satisfaction in India among luxury brands

The study measures overall satisfaction among new luxury vehicle buyers with their sales experience based on delivery process, delivery timing, salesperson, sales initiation, dealer facility, paperwork, and deal.

46% of luxury vehicle buyers use the Internet for their vehicle-shopping process over 29% of mass market vehicle buyers. Luxury vehicle buyers search for vehicle specs, spare parts, warranty information and loan or lease financial terms.

30% of luxury vehicle buyers post about their purchase experience on blogs or forums and social media websites over 13% of mass market vehicle owners.

Mohit Arora, executive director, J.D. Power Asia Pacific says it’s prudent for luxury auto manufacturers to have a system in place to monitor reviews/feedback posted by customers. Monitoring and responding to feedback is likely to be perceived as proactive and customer centric, and enhances overall brand image.

Information made available during car delivery process impacts satisfaction, especially in regards to vehicle maintenance schedule. Satisfaction among 87% luxury cars buyers who received an explanation of vehicle maintenance schedule during delivery averaged 897 index points (on a 1,000-point scale). Satisfaction among 13% owners who did not receive maintenance schedule information during delivery process averaged 844.

Sales satisfaction in the luxury segment is 890 in 2014 over 873 in 2013. Satisfaction grew across factors with most improvement in delivery timing (+26 points). Satisfied customers positively impacts dominant ROI drivers like dealership service and repurchase intent. Customers who are highly satisfied (sales satisfaction scores 955 and above) are about 1.5 times more likely than highly dissatisfied owners (satisfaction scores 846 and below) to take their vehicle for service at their purchase dealer. The same holds true when indicating intention to repurchase from the same luxury brand again.

Accurate estimate of delivery time for a new car when booking improves satisfaction to 901, 54 points higher than those who are not provided an accurate delivery time. Satisfaction averages 895 when offered vehicle financing compared with 877 when not offered financing. Satisfaction is high at 932 when customers receive a post-sales follow-up call to schedule their first vehicle service appointment. Buyers consider location and reputation important when choosing a particular dealership for purchase.

BMW ranks highest in luxury vehicle sales satisfaction with a score of 891 with exceptional performance in sales initiation and salesperson factors. Mercedes-Benz ranks second at 890 scoring well in paperwork and delivery process factors. Audi India ranked just below the luxury average for India.

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