Exclusive BMW i Megacity Studio opened in Japan

BMW Japan has opened the first of its kind dedicated showroom for display of new BMW i3 electric car and i8 hybrid sports car. Both these models will be on sale from this exclusive BMW i Megacity Studio.

The Studio boasts of a glass ceiling and solar panels to charge the electric models, while excess power is to be channelized to power the showroom. BMW i Megacity Studio also receives a glass display showcasing recyclable material from the i3 and i8 which also include carbon fiber elements.

BMW i Megacity Studio
BMW i8 is the flagship hybrid sportscar of the brand. It was launched in India earlier this year.

Opened to public from 4th September 2015, the state of the art studio / showroom / sales centre is located in Tokyo’s Toranomon area. This showroom is dedicated to BMW i brand and is the only one of its kind in the world.

Tokyo’s Toranomon area is undergoing progressive urban development with next generation mobility and it is only apt that this exclusive showroom should open in the area. Japan is also one of the largest markets globally for electrified vehicles and the country has more charging stations as compared to gas stations.

BMW i Megacity Studio provide easy access to the BMW i sub brand while test drives will also be available at the showroom along with public car sharing service which will be on offer from October this year. The entire site is built following eco friendly identity of BMW’s green line. The exteriors of BMW i Megacity Studio incorporate an entrance of olive trees while eucalyptus wood is used in the interiors of the i3.