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Bosch keen on Indian two wheeler market

In these last 10 years, Bosch has doubled sales in Asia Pacific. By 2020, Bosch looks to double sales in the region again says Dr. Volkmar Denner, Chairman Bosch board of management. Following projected economic growth of around 4.8% in 2014, India will likely grow by 6% in 2015 making the country one of the global engines of growth, and expects India to establish itself as the world’s 5th largest vehicle manufacturer by the end of this decade. Similar projections from other sources put reveal India is expected to become the 4th largest automotive market by 2020.

Bosch sees dynamic growth in two-wheeler market

In 2013, Bosch Group generated sales in India of about Rs 13,200 crores. At present, Bosch employs 27,000 associates at 10 production sites and 7 R&D locations in India. Since 2010, Bosch Group has invested about Rs 5,400 crores in here, of which about 1,200 crores has been invested in 2014 itself.

India houses Bosch’ largest development centre outside Germany says Steffen Berns, president of the Bosch Group in India. 220 patents were filed last year. Bosch sees opportunities in the Indian two-wheeler market, which registered 145 growth last year. Forecast for two-wheeler units sold annually on the subcontinent stands at 27 million by 2020. Globally, motorbikes and electric e-scooters sold is expected to reach 150 million by decade end, from 100 million today. Bosch forecasts 110 million new cars are to be sold globally in 2020.

Bosch is entering the global motorcycle market with new powertrain systems. For Asia and India, efficient powertrains are crucial to environmental impact reduction. Bosch has developed an affordable and robust engine management system specially designed for Indian and Asian markets.

In comparison to mechanically controlled carburetor and situation specific, electronically controlled fuel-injection system can reduce fuel consumption by up to 16% to effectively reduce emissions, and conserve valuable resources. Bosch supplies ABS and motorcycle stability controls (MSC) safety solutions for two-wheelers to improve safety when braking and accelerating.

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