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Bosch Jaipur plant lockout order lifted, wage settlement negotiations on

A deliberation involved the Labour department and Union. A commitment was been sought from Bosch Jaipur plant Union to stop the hunger strike and withdraw Go-slow action ongoing from March 19, 2015 without a notice being issued.

File photo: Bosch Automated Driving tech

Go-slow action by the Union resulted in reduced production output by up to 70 pct of potential levels at Bosch Jaipur plant. Union is now in agreement to a first level of increased output target.

Bosch had ensured that customers were not impacted by the lockout. During lockout phase, production continued with officers and trainee workmen. Bosch Limited management acknowledges efforts made by State Govt. of Rajasthan, specially labour department, whose balanced support and intervention has helped come to a speedy resolution to the stalemate.

Bosch is one of the highest paymasters in the region, as also in the manufacturing industry. Bosch is committed to working with the Union to find an immediate resolution to the wage settlement negotiation. Industrial Engineering Standards are imperative for optimum use of resources for plant competitiveness, and its future. Doing so at competitive wages is crucial to ensure that Bosch Jaipur plant attracts new products for a sustainable future.

Bosch Group forecasts strong growth over the next few years for India through positive medium and long term development. In 2015, Indian economy is expected to grow by six pct. Bosch sees a healthy business climate on the subcontinent with opportunity in mobility, infrastructure, industry, energy, and packaging. Connected production also opens up possibilities for Bosch in India, says Dr. Steffen Berns, president of the Bosch Group in India.

Make in India opens avenues to advance industrialisation and modernize production here. Intelligent and connected manufacturing solutions play a lead role. Bosch uses manufacturing data at its Bangalore and Jaipur plant to optimise time taken for testing and calibration of diesel injection pumps. Bosch’ focus on locally developed solutions includes an electronic hitch control for Indian tractor manufacturers, and a common-rail system for small engines. Bosch offers an engine management system designed for the Indian two-wheeler market.

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