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Kia Carnival crashed into dealership wall during delivery – Video

The Kia Carnival crashed into the showroom compound wall due to driver negligence

For most people, buying a car is a dream of many years finally coming true. It usually involves meticulous financial planning, research, contemplation, and in some cases, even a few sacrifices. For many, a car is not merely a transportation tool but it is a status symbol, a matter of pride. So, obviously, driving your sparkling new automobile out of the showroom on an auspicious day with ribbons and flowers is no doubt a special feeling, one that gets etched in your memory.

Unfortunately, new car deliveries could also turn out to be a nightmares if you let your excitement and lack of driving experience get the better of you, like this poor Kia Carnival driver realized. Such instances of brand new vehicles crashing within few yards of beginning their lives happen more often than they should, especially in India and it is heart breaking to say the least.

It appears that showroom personal were giving the driver a basic low-down of the controls shortly after which the unfortunate Carnival starts rolling forward, with the driver not being fully aware of the situation. It looks like he is not used to operating an automatic transmission.

With hardly any room left for an evasive maneuver, the premium MPV worth over INR 30 lakh (on-road) meets the concrete wall. It appears that the driver panicked and accelerated at the very last moment (evident by the front wheel spin at the time of impact), thus inflicting more damage. The impact was severe enough for the front airbags to deploy.

Fortunately, nobody is hurt. It could have been worse since there were several people surrounding the car, including a guy right in front of it, just a brief moment before it started rolling. The repair bills are going to be hefty but the financial drain is nothing when compared to the pain of wrecking your coveted set of wheels before you even got a chance to get out of the showroom premises. Needless to say, the broken Kia Carnival will have to spend several days at the workshop before it can become road worthy again and it would take the driver quite sometime to come to terms with what happened.

Not long ago, very similar accidents came to our notice. One involved a Kia Seltos on display at first floor of the showroom plunging nose down to the ground due to driver’s negligence. The VW Polo ended upside down, while exiting the showroom is also just as ridiculous.

If you are not very confident about driving, especially in tight spaces, it is strongly recommended to take along an experienced driver at the time of delivery. Binning your car like this stings and stinks!

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