Breitling collection inspired by Bentley GT V8 at 2012 Geneva Motor Show: 100 scale model cars

Special edition of 100 V8 model cars have been brought out by Bentley Classic Models, besides a limited edition of watches from Breitling have been designed and will be on public display at the Geneva International Salon d’Auto from March 5th 2012.  Breitling has brought out 250 pieces of this limited edition Bentley GMT watches each featuring second time zone display.  While it is obvious that each of these watches is a masterpiece in itself, it will also have a metallic red inner bezel carrying the names of 24 global locations.  The design is spectacular and unique and with only 250 such pieces they are sure to be one of the most coveted items on display.  Each of these watches is self-winging, high frequency and fitted with 38 jewels. Diameter of each of these 250 wonders is of 49 mm while their dial is in Royal Ebony with contrasting metallic red inner bezel.

Bentley and Breitling are two renowned brands each sharing the same obsession for offering their customers products that speak of performance, style, luxury and heritage that can be handed down from generation to generation.  All instruments brought out by Brietling are a class apart and are manufactured for performance, elegance and are top in its class where technical features and quality are concerned.  Both these companies have been looked upon for years as being companies that stand for excellence and are well known to bring together British style and Swiss tradition.  Each of the watches from Breitling has been certified by COSC, the official body that certifies all Swiss made watches.

Designers have been inspired by characteristics of Bentley and have incorporated the same sense of tradition and aesthetics.  Breitling for Bentley line is designed in such a way that it immediately draws the attention of high end customers who are used to a certain category of class and appeals to connoisseurs for whom exclusivity and rarity is second nature.

At the Geneva Motor Show, 100 Continental V8 models that are hand built in 1:43 scale and in limited edition by Bentley Classic Models will be showcased. Similarities as far as exterior and internal features are concerned are accurate.

The model is perfect in all respects right from its gloss black matrix grille, figure 8 exhaust pipes and red enameled Bentley B logos.  Such a model is bound to attract the attention of Bentley enthusiasts and is sure to become a collector’s item adorning the shelves of every Bentley enthusiast who can get his hands on one of these 100 exclusive pieces.

Other Bentley inspired items will include a V8 red badge made in Imperial Blue and Linen so as to match the V8 Continental GT Convertible.  An iPad and iPhone case, card holder and a key ring all in limited editions and designed in high quality leather. Bentley enthusiasts eager to get their hands on these collector’s items should ensure that they do not lose any opportunity as with only limited numbers in circulation each of these are sure to be grabbed as soon as they are on display leaving a host of disappointed seekers.