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Car Retail Sales vs Wholesales July 2020 – Maruti, Hyundai, Tata, Mahindra, Kia

Earlier this month, OEMs revealed sales figures which were dispatched to dealers – Now FADA has revealed retail sales (sold by dealers to customers)

To the relief of carmakers, passenger vehicle (PV) retail sales have improved significantly in July 2020, as compared to June. However, YoY sales growth continues to be negative. A total of 1,57,373 cars were sold in July 2020, which is negative YoY growth of -25.19%. Sales during the same period last year stood at 2,10,377 units.

Leading the pack in July 2020 is Maruti Suzuki with sales of 79,315 units. YoY sales growth is negative, as compared to 99,381 units sold in July last year. However, one good thing for India’s largest carmaker is that its market share has improved in July. From 47.24% in July 2019, market share has increased to 50.40% in July 2020.

At number two is Hyundai with 29,413 units sold in July 2020. Just like Maruti, the Korean carmaker has also registered negative YoY growth. Sales during the corresponding period last year stood at 38,556 units. Hyundai’s market share has improved slightly, from 18.33% to 18.69%.

Car Retail Sales July 2020

Car Retail Sales July 2020
Car Retail Sales (dealers to customers) July 2020. Source – FADA

Tata Motors has raced to the third spot with sales of 12,753 units in July 2020. That’s almost the same as 12,760 units sold in July last year. Market share has improved from 6.07% in July last year to 8.10% in July 2020. At number four is Mahindra with 7,811 units sold in July 2020. Mahindra has lost more than half of its sales, as compared to 17,828 units sold in July last year. Market share has also eroded from 8.47% to 4.96%.

At number five is newcomer Kia Motors, which has been doing exceptionally well with products like Seltos and Carnival. The company recently unveiled Sonet that could emerge as a game changer in the compact SUV space. In July 2020, Kia sold 7,007 units and had a market share of 4.45%.

Wholesales vs Retail Sales – July 2020

Car Sales July 2020
Car Sales July 2020 (OEMs to Dealer dispatch / wholesales)

Other carmakers listed in the top ten include Renault (4,997 units), Toyota (4,396), Honda (3,303), Ford (3,213), and Skoda (1,662). Luxury carmakers such as Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari and Rolls Royce had single digit sales in July 2020.

According to the Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA), car sales are expected to improve further in August. The month marks the beginning of the festive season with key celebrations such as Ganesh Chaturthi and Onam. As consumer sentiments improve, car sales could witness a boost in August and during the following months as well.

However, yearly outlook continues to be negative for auto sector. FADA has stated that de-growth could be in the range of 15-35 percent across various segments of auto sector including PVs. After the Covid-19 onslaught, it may take several months for things to return to normal in the auto sector. It would be too early to even provide a time frame, as there’s a lot of uncertainly across the globe.

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