Increase in buyers who prefer car safety features in 2016 – JD Power

2016 India APEAL Study took into account responses from 8,323 new vehicle buyers in the country who purchased a new vehicle during the period November 2015 to July 2016. The study was fielded from May 2016 to September 2016 across 30 Indian cities.

New vehicles with added safety and connectivity features such as anti lock braking system, airbags, hands free connectivity and on board technology is attracting the attention of new buyers. It is cars with these features that have seen an 8% point increase when compared to 2015 study.

Overall APEAL averages 862 points in 2016 as compared to 846 points in 2015 attributing this increase to new vehicles which have received added safety and technology features. As per the study it was also brought to light that 50% of new vehicles launched in 2016 received added driver and passenger safety features as compared to just 38% in 2015 while scores for vehicles with airbags are 11 points higher than those minus this feature.

Points for cars with anti lock braking systems are also higher than for those vehicles who do not receive this feature while cars with hands free connectivity has also increased by 8% points in 2016 as compared to scores in 2015. Hands free connectivity in vehicles has seen APEAL scores gain 5 points in the current year.

Maruti Celerio with Airbags ABS

The study noted that while in the past, these safety and connectivity features were presented with larger cars and top end variants, buyers are now demanding these features even where smaller and entry level cars are concerned making it mandatory for automakers to comply with these demands.

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