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Car Sales April 2021 – Maruti, Hyundai, Tata, Mahindra, Kia, Toyota, Honda, Renault

Tata Nexon April 2021
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MG Motor witnessed the highest MoM decline of 53 percent while Honda and Mahindra were the only OEMs to register a positive MoM growth

The country is currently facing the wrath of the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic. With an unprecedented rise in number of infections and mortality rates, all business sectors have been adversely affected. This is clearly evident from the sales figure for April 2021 which showed a consistent decline in passenger vehicle sales last month.

An estimated 2.86 lakh passenger vehicles were sold in April this year. In comparison, the industry witnessed sales of 3,20,487 cars in March this year which resulted in a decline in MoM sales by 10 percent. YoY figures are not being compared since in April last year not a single vehicle was sold for an entire month due to the imposition of a complete nationwide lockdown by the Government of India.

Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai Lead PV Segment

Maruti Suzuki continued to dominate the segment with 1.35 lakh units sold last month despite a 7 percent MoM degrowth. The company sold 1,46,203 units in March this year and maintained a market share (MS) of 47.44 percent.

The Indo-Japanese carmaker was followed by its immediate Korean rival Hyundai with 49,002 units dispatched to dealerships last month. With 52,600 units sold in the previous month, Hyundai witnessed an MoM decline of 6.8 percent.

Car Sales April 2021 vs March 2021 (MoM)
Car Sales April 2021 vs March 2021 (MoM)

Similar was the case with Tata Motors (25,095 units) and Kia (16,111 units) as both witnessed an MoM decline of 15.4 percent and 11.2 percent respectively. Mahindra on the other hand, posted a growth of 9.5% to record sales of over 18k units. In doing so, it has beaten Kia and taken the 4th spot.

The rest of the OEMs were able to sell less than 10k units in April 2021. At the sixth spot, Toyota managed to sell 9,621 last month units in comparison to 14,997 units sold in March this year with an MoM decline of 35.8 percent.

Honda registers positive MoM growth

Honda managed to outdo its March 2021 figures with sales of 9,072 units last month. The Japanese carmaker witnessed an MoM growth of 27.7 percent. Renault too witnessed a negative growth of 30.1 percent as it managed to sell only 8,642 units in April this year.

Car Sales April 2021 vs April 2020 (YoY)
Car Sales April 2021 vs April 2020 (YoY)

The French brand was followed by Ford with a total sales of 5,469 units last month. The American carmaker sold 7,746 units in March 2021 thus resulting in an MoM degrowth of 29.4 percent.

Nissan, MG Motor and Volkswagen were the rest that generated a four-digit sales volume in April 2021. All three automakers sold 3,369 units, 2,605 units and 1,533 units across the country respectively. Skoda and Jeep were the only car manufacturers that witnessed a sales volume of less than 1,000 units. The Czech and Italian carmakers registered sales of 961 units and 846 units respectively. Both recorded negative MoM growths of 17.1 percent and 37.8 percent.

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