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Car tyres with 5G internet connectivity – Made by Pirelli

Pirelli 5g tyre cyber
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The connected world which we have been reading about since last few years is already here! While most urban homes are now welcoming smart devices like Google Home or Amazon Alexa as their latest new family member, research folks are working upon leveraging 5G and possibly bringing-in elements on the grid, which you wouldn’t even imagine.

Latest development comes in from Pirelli whose engineers have worked upon world’s first 5G connected tyre. Yup, there is a 5G connected tyre now (all of this while you may still struggle with decent 4G on your phone sometimes)!

Expectedly, the tyre is aptly named as Pirelli Cyber Tyre. The tyre’s development has happened as a result of collaboration between Pirelli’s team and other partners including Audi, Ericsson, KTH and Italdesign. The infographic released by Pirelli shows how the 5G enabled tyre will use technology to communicate with the car and the grid.

Pirelli 5G tyre
Pirelli 5G tyre

Tyres happen to be in direct contact with the road surface, hence they have the potential to understand the topography better than any other car component. The Cyber Tyre has an internal sensor which records details like kilometers covered, dynamic load, traction available from road surface etc. Then, via 5G technology, it transmits these datapoints to the car.

The car and the driver will hence be in a better position to change car’s settings or driving style, as per the requirement of the road surface. As the tyre will also be connected to the grid, it will pass on this critical information about road condition etc. to other cars/users, hence improving overall safety for others as well.

The video below shows, how two cars, which are equipped with Pirelli’s new 5G enabled Cyber tyres communicate. The first car goes through, and the tyres realize that there is lot of water, which could result in hydroplaning. The information is passed on to the tyres of car behind, and thus the 2nd car slows down.

While the Cyber Tyre might seem a little out of the world right now, it is interesting to see how technology is evolving the entire auto industry. Clearly, 5G enabled tyres might take a while to come to India (let alone tyres, we are far from 5G too!), many Indian mass-market cars now come along with TPMS, which stands for Tyre Pressure Monitoring Sensor.

The sensor checks upon the tyre pressure level of all 5 tyres (including the one in the trunk) and reports it to the driver. In case there is some anomaly, the car’s infotainment system highlights it to the driver, who can then take the best suited action.

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