Carlos Ghosn Chairman and CEO of the Renault-Nissan Alliance talks about Datsun for Power 88 India, Indonesia and Russia

You have chosen Indonesia to announce the return of the Datsun brand. What does this return mean to you and the company? This is the unfolding of our strategy in Power 88 where we said we’re going to be coming with an additional development of our product lineup, particularly to feed the needs of high-growth markets. What we are doing with the Datsun brand is bringing products, which are affordable, modern, generous, fuel-efficient, and well adapted to the specific request of each market.

It’s not going to be a global brand with global products; it’s going to be a global brand with very specific products adapted to market needs, addressing consumers who today are buying used cars or driving motorcycles, because they can’t afford a new car, or when they can afford a new car are buying an antiquated technology with antiquated platform, and we want to bring something much more modern.

This is a totally foreseeable step in order to increase the level of our growth and make sure that we are addressing people from the top line with Infiniti, through all the Nissan brand offers, to the entry-level products.

Looking at the Datsun trajectory ahead, what will be the development, sales and the markets involved? You are going to see these products starting from 2014, so it’s going to impact the second half of Power 88, in 2014 – 2016. You are going to see this product mainly in three countries at the beginning, particularly within Power 88, as we said, Indonesia, India and Russia. They are going to be very affordable but modern products for users who are really eager to buy a car, but can’t buy something decent today.