China traffic control measures will see car owners not using their car one day each week

With China emerging as the new automobile hub it is only natural that its streets will be choc blocked with four wheelers. Enhanced economic growth and prosperity within China has led to a new section of noveau rich who are opting for more luxurious vehicles from top auto companies. Streets are filled with vehicles running nose to tail and this is causing congestion, traffic jams and chaos on the streets of China. Hence something needs to be done to curb this traffic overload on a war footing.

Initially it was only bicycles and two wheelers that were seen on Chinese roads. Now it is SUVs and luxury vehicles that are dominating the roads causing major traffic concerns. According to recent reports there are about 18.5 million vehicles sold in China during 2011 which is 25% more than what was sold in 2010. Sales in 2011 accounted for 2.1 million SUVs and cars registered in February 2012 crossed the 5 million mark.

Hence Government is perturbed by this rising menace and has decided to come up with innovative ways to curb traffic congestion and air pollution. Cars plying on Shanghai streets are divided into five categories based on last three digits on license plates. Cars under one category are banned from plying on one day of the week. Thereby a person who has a car can use it for only four days in the week and travel by a public transport on the fifth day. The order of days when a certain category of cars is to be kept off streets will be reshuffled every 3 months. There is also the possibility of the government prohibiting the purchase and registration of more than one car.