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This SUV from China, claims to be the most connected car in the world – It will also earn you money (Video)

China’s Geely automotive took over Volvo Cars and now they have plans to go global. Geely announced a new automotive brand a few months ago, called ‘Lynk & Co’. Now, they have unveiled their first car, called Lynk & Co 01 which has been purpose built to be sold in developed countries across the globe.

With sales target of half a million units a year by 2021, Lynk & Co is aims to be present in all major markets across the globe by 2018. Lynk & Co 01 is built on a Volvo car platform and was unveiled in Sweden.

Lynk & Co 01 is a compact SUV concept which details the upcoming 4-door coupe. The 01 will be larger than the XC40 and will measure 1,654mm tall, 4,530mm long and 1,855mm wide with a wheelbase of 1,730mm. SUV 01 will be based on a Compact Modular Architecture platform that underpins the next generation of Volvo compact cars.

Engine specifications include three and four cylinder gasoline engines and a four cylinder diesel. There will also be a three cylinder hybrid engine on offer. These engines will be mated to 7 speed DCT and manual gearbox. All models will be offered with a hybrid or plug-in hybrid powertrains, that could could deliver outputs of up to 300bhp with CO2 emissions of less than 100g/km.

LYNC & CO plans on doing away with traditional dealerships and will be selling its models online with deliveries being made directly to the buyer. The new Lynk & Co 01 when launched, will be the most connected car ever, claims the company. You will be able to control almost every feature on offer in the car from your smartphone.

In addition to that, the car comes with open application programming interface. What this means is that third party developers will be able to develop new in-car apps which the users will be able to update OTA and use in their car. The third new feature on offer is the ability to share your car with others when you are not using it, and also make money from it. All you have to do is press the ‘Share’ button on your phone, and the authorized person will be sent a digital key remotely. This person will be able to use the car for a period of time decided by you. Watch the video below for better understanding.

LYNK & CO’s 01 will be offered in China from 2017 while it will make its way to Britain in right hand drive format from 2018. Future plans of the company state that the 01 will be followed by 02, 03 and 04 models.

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