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From India, With Love: Citroen’s Global Expansion Through Exports

Harnessing India’s Manufacturing Capabilities: Citroen’s Global Expansion with C3 Exports to ASEAN and Africa Region

Citroen C3 exports from India start
Citroen C3 exports from India start

Citroen India’s affiliate PAIPL and Kamarajar Port Ltd (KPL) signed a Memorandum of Understanding in February 2023 to begin exporting cars from India. The agreement marked Citroen’s export programme in India’s start with KPL serving as the primary port.

Citroen aims to tap into the growing demand for affordable and high-quality cars in the ASEAN and Africa regions. Today, the company announced the start of C3 exports from India. The French automobile manufacturer is executing its global expansion strategy, which aims to establish a strong presence in emerging markets. The manufacturer is simultaneously spearheading its electric transition with sales of the eC3 in India

Citroen C3 exports from India start
Citroen C3 exports from India start

Citroen C3’s Sales Numbers in India: A Closer Look at the Monthly Trends

In June 2022, Citroen C3 had a slow start with only 60 units sold. However, sales improved significantly in the following months, with 550 units sold in July, 825 in August, and a substantial increase to 1,354 units sold in September.

Subsequent months maintained consistently high sales figures, with an exception in February 2023, where sales dropped to 111 units. Citroen C3 sold 6,585 units during the period, with an average of 732 units sold per month. Long-term sales prospects of the model now include not only domestic sales, but exports too. Prospects stand further improved with the launch of C3 Plus/AirCross 7 seater SUV on April 27, 2023.

Citroen C3 exports from India start
Citroen C3 exports from India start

Citroen’s C3 Goes the Distance: Exporting Affordable Cars to Boost Global Presence

The first step is now underway by exporting its made-in-India C3 model to the ASEAN and Africa regions. The C3 model, produced in India, has made inroads in the Indian market, and is expected to improve brand presence in the ASEAN and Africa regions.

Citroen India’s exports can help the company enter new international markets. All the while, expanding its presence in India. The company can leverage its robust manufacturing base to produce high-quality vehicles at lower costs. By exporting vehicles from India, Citroen aims to increase its brand visibility and establish a foothold in new markets.

Driving Down Costs: Citroen’s Indian Export Strategy for Global Expansion

Citroen is leveraging its advanced manufacturing capabilities and lower production costs to increase production volumes. A significant advantage in a highly competitive global automotive industry constantly looking for ways to lower costs and improve efficiency. Indian exports are also helping Citroen diversify its product portfolio and cater to the specific needs of customers in different markets.

In time, Citroen could use exports to test new products in different markets before introducing them to the domestic market. Leveraging exports help reduce risks and ensure that products are well-suited to specific market needs. By focusing on brand competitiveness, Citroen can expand its global market share.

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