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CJLR Changshu plant installs Durr Eco+Paintshop

CJLR Changshu plant has an annual production capacity of 130,000 units. Durr looks to expand its presence in China. It is also keen on the Indian sub-continent to establish serious presence. Durr is in talks with automobile manufacturers for their tech solutions.

CJLR China plants chooses Durr EcoDryScrubber

CJLR will use EcoDryScrubber for dry separation of paint overspray without water and chemicals. This way the paint booth is operated with up to 95 pct recirculated air. Owing to lower effort for air conditioning, EcoDryScrubber saves up to 60 pct energy in the paint booth. Globally, 75 painting lines use Durr’s dry separation system.

Durr’s Eco+Paintshop ensures low usage of energy, material, water, and other resources to save costs. Jaguar, Land Rover, and joint venture CJLR vehicles will roll off the Changshu assembly line. Durr has supplied the entire paint shop, including application tech. Ecopaint RoDip (Rotational Dip) process is used during pretreatment and cathodic dip-coating. RoDip doesn’t require entry or exit ramps owing to complete rotation of the body in bath. Tanks are up to 6 metres shorter. Smaller volume of dip tanks reduce water and chemical requirement contributing to less energy consumption for conditioning of the bath. RoDip reduces unit cost and offers best possible corrosion protection.

Two Durr robots at every station work on LASD (Liquid Applied Sound Deadener), interior sealing and underbody protection. Car body interior is dusted by an EcoBlow-Off system. High-pressure nozzles blow air at high velocity to remove dust and dirt. EcoClean cleaning system removes dust from car body using feather rollers. Application of primer and base coat on outer shell is fully automated through 16 EcoRP L033 painting robots. Clear coat is applied by ten EcoRP L033 painting robots. Full automation of exterior painting is necessary to attain two-tone painting. Durr’s business with automobile manufacturers and suppliers accounts for about 65 pct of company sales.

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