CONNECTKaro sustainable transport and urban planning in India conference

ConnectKaro15th and 16th April 2013, saw top Indian and international experts in the field of urban planning and sustainable transportation meet to discuss the future course of action where urban planning in India is concerned. These experts highlighted the present scenario of sustainable transport and opportunities for future development.

This CONNECTKaro program will be jointly hosted by EMBARQ India and World Resources Institute wherein 150 top national and international personalities will be offering their expertise in the field of sustainable transportation in the country. The theme of this conference is “Karo” – Make It Happen which means that the teams of experts expect to take their ideals forward to ensure overall development of the country is met with sustainable transportation facilities. These ideas have been put into action in a number of countries across the globe and can be used in India.

The conference was held in partnership with Brihanmumbai Electrical Supply and Transport Undertaking (BEST) and was attended by top city planners and officials of BEST along with leaders from Industry and Commerce. Their vision was to enhance road safety in India, augment safe access to transit nodes and develop a master plan to introduced positive and sustainable transportation facilities in the country in the future.

Sessions included ‘Bus Karo Plus’ – Activities for 2012 and Plans for 2013, ‘Bus Rapid Transit – Stories from 2013’ (in partnership with Asia BRT Association), ‘Connecting People to Cities’ – Redefining Masterplans, Fort Ferry – Led by BEST, ‘Talking Transit 3’ – Planning and Design of Feeder Services and Short Routes (in partnership with BEST), ‘Road Safety in Indian Cities’, ‘Role of Rickshaws/Taxi in Sustainable Transport’, ‘Walking Transit’ – Enhancing Safe Access to Transit Nodes, and ‘Market Opportunities in Sustainable Transport’.