Royal Enfield rider creates Cruise Control device for just Rs 30 – Watch how it works

Designed to fit any bike, this cheap contraption is a low cost cruise control of a bike.

The accompanying video shows off how this Royal Enfield rider has designed this cheap and yet highly effective contraption to enable cruise control on a bike.

He shows this piece of metal, that has been bent to fit over the handle of the bike while the other end is hooked to clip over the brake. An adjustable nut and bolt fits in place to adjust the tension and the bike is ready to go.

Designed to fit over any bike, the grip and lever combination allows the biker to adjust tension and even remove it from the bike when not in use. It is versatile enough to fit onto any bike and offers ultra low cost cruise control.

The video shows off how the contraption is fitted onto the bike and the way in which it helps in cruise control limiting speed of the bike. It should be noted however, that this system is not for use for daily commute in traffic but only helpful for long distance touring.

Cruise control helps by setting cruising at a certain speed. In doing so the rider can let go of the throttle completely as cruise controls hold the bike at a steady speed.

This ensures more comfort to the rider, allowing him to enjoy the trip and also allows for better fuel efficiency. The makeshift contraption is made at an affordable price of INR 30 which is well within the budget of every biker.