Daimler files patent for tyre temperature control system

Mercedes-Benz’ parent company Daimler has filed a patent with the UK Intellectual Property Office for a tyre temperature control system. The technology involves spraying water to keep the tyre temperatures within the optimum range.

According to the patent filing, the system stores the water used for washing the front and rear windshields and uses it to spray it on the tyres when the temperatures go beyond the permissible limits.

2017 Mercedes E Class Estate
The water spraying jets will be hidden behind the wheel arches (image is used for representative purpose only).

The system will have temperature sensors for each tyres. When the tyres get too hot, the strategically located sprays (hidden behind the wheel arches) would spray ambient temperature water on the tyres thereby cooling them down.

During winter, if the tyre temperature is too cold, the system would employ the engine coolant’s heat to warm up the stored water which is then sprayed on the tyres. This way, the tyres can get up to optimum temperature quickly.

Mercedes GLS class
Ensuring that the tyres are within the optimum temperature range enhances performance and safety.

Mercedes says that this system could also harvest water from melting ice, from car wash, rain so that one doesn’t need to top up the container regularly. The system would go a long way in enhancing safety as tyres with sub-optimal temperatures could cause loss of traction or blowouts.

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The technology appears to be in early stages but we expect it to enter production sooner than later. Mercedes is likely to adopt a top-down approach in implementing this technology across its portfolio.

Mercedes AMG GT R – Photos

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