Datsun Go with Airbags, ABS and higher-grade steel to launch by June 2015

Global NCAP’s Datsun Go crash test results revealed the hatchback’s vulnerability to safety of its passengers. The vehicle structure collapsed while dummies were put at risk of both serious injury and even death. Global NCAP Chairman Max Mosley had even called for an immediate withdrawal of the model from the market in a letter to Nissan Chairman and CEO, Carlos Ghosn.

Datsun Go with Airbags ABS

Not one to take things lightly, Nissan soon began actively working on enhancing safety standards on board Datsun GO. Economic Times now reveals that Nissan has readied a new Datsun Go, which is equipped with higher grade steel, Airbags and ABS.

Nissan Motors India is now using high tensile steel for Datsun Go’s body, which will be able to withstand higher pressure. This metal is said to have 520 megapascal strength as against 320 megapascal strength offered by the earlier steel used. The company is also adding side beams on either sides to augment rigidity of the vehicle. Also, new Datsun Go with Airbags and ABS will help the car to perform well in the tests.

A fresh lot of re-engineered Datsun Go hatchbacks will be making their way to Global NCAP for testing purpose. Nissan is hopeful that after these modifications, the Datsun Go will fare better. Market launch of the upgraded Datsun Go is expected to take place by July 2015.

Despite various safety concerns, the company still managed to sell 14,000 units of Datsun cars in the past year. Powered by a 1.2l petrol engine, Datsun Go competes with the likes of Hyundai Eon and Maruti Alto, in one of the most competitive segments in Indian auto industry.