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New Maruti Alto vs Datsun redi-Go vs Renault Kwid vs Hyundai Eon

The Datsun redi-Go is just a few weeks away from entering the unforgiving Indian budget small car space. It’s sibling Renault Kwid fared very well and hence there are enough reasons for Datsun to expect a strong start. Apart from competing with the Kwid, the new comer will also have to fend off the Hyundai Eon and the country’s best selling for decades, which recently got a facelfit, 2016 Maruti Alto.

Though the Datsun and Renault are based on the same CMF-A platform, the top hats have different characters and dimensions. The redi-GO is taller whereas the Kwid is longer.

Coming to the engines, all the four models adopt three-cylinder 800 cc petrol engines. The Alto (K10) and Eon are also available with more powerful 1.0L units. The Kwid will receive a 1.0L variant in the coming months. The Eon emerges as the most powerful hatchback of this lot but only by a nominal margin. The Kwid and redi-GO finish second with identical power outputs of 54 PS (both cars share the same engine). The RNA duo also emerges as the most fuel efficient in this comparo with a figure of 25.17 kmpl. At 21.1 kmpl, the Eon is the least efficient. A 5-speed MT is standard across this lineup.

With touchscreen infotainment system, front power windows, and optional driver airbag, Kwid emerges as the best-equipped model in this comparo. The other three cars offer front power windows and optional driver airbag but the touchscreen system is replaced by regular audio systems.

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Datsun redi-Go is expected to be the cheapest car in the segment with an estimated starting price of INR 2.5 lakhs (ex-showroom). The Renault Kwid and Alto 800 are roughly in the same price ballpark while the Hyundai Eon is by far the most expensive budget hatchback.

Comparison Table

  Datsun redi-Go Renault Kwid Maruti Alto 800 Hyundai Eon 0.8L
Length 3429 mm 3679 mm 3430 mm 3495 mm
Width 1560 mm 1579 mm 1490 mm 1550 mm
Height 1541 mm 1478 mm 1475 mm 1500 mm
Wheelbase 2348 mm 2422 mm 2360 mm 2380 mm
Ground Clearance 185 mm 180 mm 160 mm 170 mm
Boot Space (L) 222 300 187 220
Turning Radius 4.73 m NA 4.6 m NA
Fuel Tank (L) 28 28 35 32
Engine 3-cy (P) 3-cy (P) 3-cy (P) 3-cy (P)
Displacement 799 cc 799 cc 796 cc 814 cc
Transmission 5-MT 5-MT 5-MT 5-MT
Power 54 PS @ 5678 rpm 54 PS @ 5678 rpm 48 PS @ 6,000 rpm 56 PS @ 5,500 rpm
Torque 72 Nm @ 4386 rpm 72 Nm @ 4386 rpm 69 Nm @ 3500 rpm 74.5 Nm @ 4,000 rpm
Mileage in kmpl 25.17 25.17 24.7 21.1
Weight in Kg 640 (approx) 660 (approx) 695 760
Price in Lakh 2.5 – 3.5 (est) 2.62 – 3.67 2.49 – 3.34 3.24 – 4.42


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