Delhi to revoke ban on retrofitting CNG kit to petrol cars

On Tuesday, Transport Minister Satyendar Jain has indicated that the Government is ready to lift the ban on registration of retrofitted CNG cars in Delhi.

The Government will issue an order permitting Motor Licensing Officers to once again commence registration of such vehicles giving relief to both car owners who wish to convert their petrol vehicles to CNG while retrofitment centers across the city will also be benefitted by the lifting of this ban.

Tata_Indigo_CNG (7)

The decision to ban such retrofitted CNG kits was issued on June 20, 2016 following complaints of unauthorized, substandard and uncertified CNG kits being offered by distributors. Vehicle owners were being cheated as retrofitment centers were charging them prices of original kits putting performance of the vehicle at risk.

All Motor Licensing Officers were ordered not to issue permits to vehicles fitted with CNG kits till further orders were issued. Now, following stringent steps taken to ban the use of these spurious kits and with police complaints lodged against such use the decision has been taken to lift the ban.

CNG Kits in two wheelers
A new campaign launched in Delhi to retrofit two wheelers with CNG kit.

Using CNG kit proves not only to be cheaper, but also less polluting. Though there is a slight effect on the performance of the car, but owners do not mind the same as maintaining a CNG powered car is cheaper than a petrol car.

via PTI