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Old cars from other Indian States banned from entering Delhi NCR – Police

In an attempt to curb rising pollution all across the Delhi NCR region, the Supreme Court had issued notifications where use of old vehicles in Delhi was concerned. The Supreme Court verdict had banned 15 year old petrol vehicles and 10 year old diesel vehicle from plying within the city limits.

This ruling gave rise to many complaints from commuters while in a recent video, the Delhi Police have explained the ruling in a more explicit and concise manner.

Image used for representation. Credit – Sourabh Jadhav.

The Supreme Court ruling banning 15 year old petrol and 10 year old diesel vehicles is a blanket ban. It applies not only to those vehicles bearing a Delhi registration number plate but is also applicable to those vehicles passing through the city, carrying a non Delhi registration number.

Those cars, trucks, buses, or any other vehicle found breaking this regulation, will be fined. The owner of the vehicle will have to sign an affidavit to guarantee that the vehicle will never be brought onto the Delhi roads ever in the future. Delhi Police can even seize the vehicle at the first instance while court will then decide what is to be done with the vehicle. There is also a minimum fine of Rs.15,000. Below is a short video by Delhi Police, explaining the new ban.

Random checks of Registration Certificates of vehicles have commenced by both the Delhi Police and Traffic Police in the Delhi/NCR. The Delhi RTO has also been intimated that no NOC should be issued for old vehicles, so that old vehicles from Delhi NCR are not sold in other Indian States. Extension of registration period of old vehicles is also banned.

Apart from plying these old vehicles in the city, the National Green Tribunal has also banned parking of such vehicles in any public area. If such a vehicle is found parked in public space, Delhi Police has the authority to seize the vehicle and scrap it without informing the owner of the vehicle. Below is a detailed video, explaining the current situation faced by owners old vehicles. The video is created by Transport TV.

There is, however, no rule regarding what should be done with the vehicles once they are impounded. Under the Delhi Scrapping of Vehicles Rules 2018, all impounded vehicles, including two wheelers, cars, trucks, buses, LCVs, etc; should be sent directly to empanelled scrap dealers for dismantling. On top of this, owners will have to pay scrapping charge. This new ruling has potentially affected the livelihood of thousands in the region.

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