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Drive-through coronavirus testing lab introduced in India – Video

India is going through challenging times like never before due to COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown protocol

As COVID-19 aka coronavirus continues to baffle scientists and healthcare professionals with its unusual and unpredictable behaviour, it makes sense to take all possible measures to contain its spread. Even India’s automotive industry has been badly affected due to the current lockdown protocol.

There’s still a lot to be known about the virus and for the same reason, taking extraordinary measures seems justified in the current scenario. Delhi-based Dr.Dangs Lab appears to be doing just that, as it has come up with India’s first drive-through coronavirus testing lab. The laboratory has shared a video of the entire process.

To undergo the drive-through coronavirus testing at Dr.Dangs Lab, one needs to take an appointment online. In addition, a valid prescription is also necessary alongside relevant identity and address proof. This reduces the chances of facility overload while the ones who actually require it could be served without fail.

After reaching the facility at the scheduled date and time, visitors need to park their car at a designated spot. For obvious reasons, doors and windows need to be closed. Next, a lab assistant will come out to take the swab sample of the individual. This is the only time when the individual needs to lower the window.

The laboratory technician is fully covered in protective clothing from head to toe and uses sanitizer to minimize the risk of contamination. Once the sample has been taken and the technician is safely inside, the individual is asked to proceed to the exit gate. Lab reports are sent directly to the individual’s email ID.

Drive-through coronavirus test centres are already operational in various countries. It is good to see that such a facility has become available in India as well. The medical field hopes that similar centres will be opened in the country in a few months’ time. Experts are still unsure if COVID-19 can spread via air and hence going contactless seems to be the right solution in the given circumstances. It may be recalled that masks were not mandatory earlier but experts are now recommending these for each and every individual. The higher N95 masks are still recommended only for medical staff or other front-end employees.

A priority of the drive-through coronavirus test facility at Dr.Dangs Lab is to ensure the safety of both patients and medical staff. In the past few weeks, we have seen various reports stating that even doctors and other healthcare professionals have tested positive for coronavirus. This presents a scary scenario, as it could potentially lead to a collapse in the healthcare system.

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