Driverless car technology patent won by internet search giant Google

Google has finally won the patent for driverless car technology. The technology to transition control from a mixed mode vehicle to autonomous mode is in layman’s terms known as the driverless car technology. Google won the patent to this technology earlier this week.

Google installed sensors in the Toyota Prius and some Audi TT variants which helped the car to recognize objects like lampposts, trees, other vehicles, etc. With the help of these sensors, Google managed to provide the car with the intelligence to move around on its own after the destination point is fed in the system. All the sensors need is a landing strip which could be just a marking on the road.

The patent won by Google states, “The autonomous vehicle may be used as a virtual tour guide of Millennium Park in Chicago. In the example embodiment, the vehicle may have an instruction to drive to the Cloud Gate (Silver Bean) sculpture at Millennium Park. When the vehicle arrives, the autonomous instruction may tell it to wait in the location for a predetermined amount of time, for example 5 minutes. The instruction may then direct the vehicle to drive to the Crown Fountain at Millennium Park and again wait for 5 minutes. Next, the instruction may tell the vehicle to drive to the Ice Rink at Millennium Park and wait for another predetermined amount of time. Finally, the vehicle instruction may tell the vehicle to return to its starting position.”

Google has already managed to test the driverless car technology for 160,000 miles, 100 miles of which were done in the autonomous mode. Google believes that the technology possesses immense potential for future cars and with the help of Google maps, this technology is set to change the way we drive cars today.