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Drunk engineering student runs over cops who tried to stop him – Video

During a routine check, a white car was stopped by the cops as it was being driven rashly. The cops asked the driver to show his driving license. The driver, an engineering student, was reportedly not carrying his driving license. Soon the cops realized that the driver was drunk as he was slurring while talking to them and was smelling of alcohol as well.

The on-duty cop asked the driver to stop the car and get down. The student refused. Soon the cop asked for help from his colleagues who were busy with others at the checkpost. Once more cops arrived, the student decided to flee. He managed to flee in spite of a rickshaw and barricade blocking the road. Below is the shocking incident caught on camera.

As you can see in the video, the driver of the car manages to swerve out of the lane, make a run. Five on duty cops and a couple of alert citizens try to stop the car. One cop even manages to pull the barricade and place it in front of the car. But no use. The drunk student managed to make a run from the spot.

In doing so, he has injured two on duty cops. One of the cops is badly injured as the car ran over him. Both cops are admitted to a nearby hospital, where they are getting medical care. The student in question, has been arrested. His identity has not been revealed yet.

Police have filed FIR against the student. Case has been registered against the student under the Indian Penal Code Sections 332 and 307. He has also been charged under some sections of the Motor Vehicle Act.

Some of the serious charges include – attempting to kill on duty police officer, driving rashly, assaulting police officer, stopping police officer from doing duty, among others.

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