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Drunk man drives home Maruti Omni ambulance instead of his Audi

At about 3 AM, authorities receive an emergency call from a patient who requires an ambulance. The hospital staff informs the driver and he is all set to head out. But there is one problem. Their Maruti Omni ambulance is missing.

This is when the authorities realized that their ambulance has been stolen. They call local police station to register a complaint. Control room informs the same to a nearby patrol team who arrive at the hospital in a few minutes.

The ambulance was parked inside the hospital.

“Just then a man drove the ambulance into the hospital and profusely apologised saying his boss, a businessman, had mistakenly driven it home,” said a police officer.

Shocked to hear what they had just heard, the cops asked the driver to explain in detail. The driver tells that his boss was so drunk that he could not differentiate Audi from Maruti and thus drove home the ambulance. As the Audi was parked outside the hospital, and the Omni was parked inside the hospital, the drunk boss mistakenly thought that it was his car and drove it home.

The Audi was parked outside the hospital.

Few questions that arise. What was the drunk man doing inside the hospital? To this, the driver replied that his boss had come to visit a friend who is admitted in the same hospital. Why would he come to visit in the middle of the night to pay visit, and that too in a drunken condition?

Police are of the opinion that the businessman has pulled a fast one. He did not have any friend in the hospital. He knew that he was drunk, and will get caught if he was driving his Audi home. So he quietly parked his Audi outside the hospital and stole the ambulance, as cops will not stop an ambulance.

After reaching home, the businessman sent his driver to the hospital with the stolen ambulance, hoping no one would have realized the missing ambulance. But, luck was not on his side. Cops have filed an FIR and are investigating further.

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