Tired of waiting, drunk man decides to drive home in a KSRTC bus – Arrested after crash

Tired of waiting for the bus to take him home, this 25 year old youth stole a bus.

Aloysius, 25, a youth from Thiruvanathapuram was on his way home from Kollam city on Sunday night where he had come to meet his friend. He was in an inebriated state and had to wait a long time for his bus to arrive.

Irritated at the prospect of the long wait, he decided to take a quick way out and robbed a KSRTC bus which was parked at the Kollam bus stand. Though he should have been home in double quick time, his luck ran out as he crashed into an electric pole and ended up at the police station instead.

Aloysius luckily found the keys in the parked bus at the Ashramam road. Driving the bus in an inebriated state caused him to crash into am 11 kV electric pole after driving five kms in Chinnakada. The loud noise drew the attention of passersby while electric power was also disconnected due to the impact. Police night patrol team rushed to the spot and found Aloysius standing innocently next to the crashed bus along with the other spectators.

However, his slippers still remained in the bus which enabled to police to identify the culprit. Aloysius was arrested and a visit to the nearby hospital confirmed the level of alcohol in his blood.

He was in such a state that he still asked the police to arrange another bus for him to drive home. He promised to return the bus the next day. Aloysius, who works in the Gulf, will have to shell out INR 1 lakh for damage to the bus in addition to INR 30,000 for destroying an electric post.

Source The Hindu The News Minute