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Eicher Polaris Flexituff LCV spied in India: ATV crossover of people and load carrier

Eicher Polaris Flexituff LCV Front quarter
Apparently, camouflage doesn't do much for vehicles that have no doors.

What happens when an ATV and LCV manufacturer get together?

As first of the kind in India, the joint venture has given shape to Eicher Polaris Flexituff LCV, which is spied testing with camouflage in the country.

Eicher Polaris Flexituff LCV Front quarter

Apparently, camouflage doesn’t do much for vehicles that have no doors.

Eicher Polaris Flexituff LCV is a multi-tasking vehicle that can carry multiple passengers as well as goods. In a country where multi-tasking is done mostly by bright minds with whatever they can get their hands on, it is unclear how this vehicle will be received.

It is not uncommon to see load carriers hauling passengers and people movers stuffed with goods, in India. That is the result of the flexibility and tough attitude of people in rural and semi-urban markets, where Eicher Polaris Flexituff LCV is targeted at, to relieve them of their perceived smartness. The LCV would also be employed as a public transportation vehicle, probably where people are known to have their hips or heads loaded.

Eicher Polaris Flexituff LCV spied 1 rear

The Flexituff will be driven by a 600 cc diesel engine expected to be capable of delivering 25 kmpl mileage, manufactured by and sourced from Greaves Cotton. The JV product, touted as micro MPV cum pickup, will be produced in a new plant in Jaipur.

It is understandable that the Flexituff prototype is almost production ready. The vehicle wears rudimentary components, just enough to get the task done.

Cabin of Eicher Polaris Flexituff is seen with numerous storage options, by means of compartments on dashboard as well as recesses on top to just place items. The glove-box seems to be lockable. Thanks to dashboard mounted gear rod, the LCV will be carring God-knows-how-many passengers once it hits the roads, at least this way one of them won’t be doing the gear shifting.


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