English football sponsor Vauxhall plant workers not to watch Euro 2012 England vs Sweden Group D game

Everybody in UK loves football, most of the ones that don’t are dead. Life will come to a standstill when England takes on Sweden in an important Euro 2012 clash. Everybody seems happy except for workers of Vaxuall. Why? Well, because the company has rejected their plea to set up a TVs to watch the highly anticipated Euro 2012 match.

Factory staff at Vauxhall plants in Ellesmere Port and Luton had requested special permission to the management to install TVs or screens for workers doing late night shifts. Requests fell to deaf ears as management refused citing strict guidelines in regard with safety regulations. Management stated that safety regulations do not permit workers at production facilities to be distracted by football matches shown on screens, and halting Vauxhall car production is not an option.

Vauxhall the main sponsor of England football team will have to be content with a bunch of angry workers at their plants. One worker was heard calling the episode as ‘own goal’ while another worker was giving vent to has frustration saying, We’re Gutted! Considering England is well-known for its hooligans, we wonder if an angry gang of workers will unleash hell. On the team front, Roy Hodgson’s boys ended the England and France game, the first game of Group D with a 1-1 draw on Monday at the European Championship. As a result both teams were awarded a point. Sweden lost to Ukraine in their first game and would want to win against England.

Car makers Vauxhall did respond to the ongoing argument about factory workers not being allowed to watch to game. Truth of the matter is that the Ellesmere Port plant and Kimpton Road plant were polled in regards to watching Euro 2012 England games. The plausible suggestion was to delay the evening shift by an hour so staff could watch the match end with workers. The delayed start would have to be made up at shift end but staff didn’t agree as it would prolong work hours. Vauxhall’s Osborne Road headquarters staff did get lucky before the English team left for the 2012 Euro tour as the England football team visited the facility before leaving for Poland and Ukraine.