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Escorts Hybrid Tractor debuts – Gets pure electric mode as well

Escorts tractor hybrid electric

Escorts hybrid tractor concept is powered by fuel and battery, both. Launched in the 70-75 hp range, it can be upped to 90 hp owing to its hybrid feature. Emphasis is laid on a product focused on reduced emission, and increased efficiency.

Escorts has displayed its exclusive Tractor Driven Mini Sugarcane Harvester & self-propelled spraying technology smart range. This provides an insight to the company’s farm mechanization and precision agriculture plans.

Escorts’ hybrid tractor concept builds on eco-friendly and a cost-efficacy. With four operating modes, the tractor can address arrange of requirements. In Hybrid mode, it uses diesel, and electric to operate. In electric mode, it runs on batteries.

Escorts tractor hybrid electric

Modes – In ICE direct mode, it drives as a regular tractor with an Internal Combustion Engine. Charging mode employs three power generation submodes – Regeneration when excess power when working, ICE (thru Internal Combustion Engine), and plug-in mode.

Management Speak – Chairman and Managing Director, Escorts Ltd., Mr. Nikhil Nanda, said, “After the successful launch of electric and autonomous concept tractors in the last two Esclusive platforms (name of the platform is ESCLUSIVE), It is indeed a proud moment for Escorts to have pioneered in developing India’s first concept Hybrid Tractor, Hybrid Backhoe & a RTV this year.

Through our focus on innovation and R&D, Escorts has always strived to make world-class technology driven products available to the farming and infrastructure space. These smart technology solutions are developed to cut down on emissions and increasing fuel efficiency boost productivity and agriculture output.”

What Else – A hybrid backhoe loader concept was also showcased. It is to be used in the construction equipment space. Launched in the 50 hp engine range, the use of hybrid tech piques at 75 hp. Concentrated on overall performance with higher productivity, and fuel efficiency, the aim is to gurantee a cleaner footprint. Regenerative mode sends energy to the battery when excess power is available. There are three working modes – Hybrid, ICE -Diesel and Electric -Excavator only.

Escorts multi-utility Rural Transport Vehicle, RTV concept is termed ‘Rider’. It mobility rural farming mobility, and hard terrain maneuvering. RTV applications transcend to haulage, construction, agriculture produce, logistics, and other utility segments in payload capacity of 750 kg. It employs an optional 4WD drive mode.

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