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Etrio Touro Max Mini Electric Three Wheelers Launched In Cargo Segment

Etrio Electric Three Wheeler
Etrio Electric Three Wheeler

Etrio Touro Max and Mini electric three-wheelers in cargo segment cater to intracity logistics

Electric vehicle start-up Etrio is keen on intracity logistics, and has expanded its portfolio with the launch of Touro for cargo segment. Both Touro variants are designed for intra-city logistics, especially in last-mile delivery applications. Touro three-wheeler passenger variants will be launched soon.

Having raised funding of $3 million last month helped facilitate the new product launches. Touro derives its name from the Portuguese word Toro, which means ‘a bull’. This is because the product builds on strong stability, power, and load carrying capacity. The inspiration doesn’t end there, and Touro features bull inspired signature front grille, and Etrio manufactured brake drums.

Etrio Electric Three Wheeler
Etrio Electric Three Wheeler

Etrio Touro range is completely localized, which means the products are eligible for central and state government subsidy. Deepak MV, Co-founder & CEO, Etrio said, “With the launch of Touro, we now have added new electric vehicles to our portfolio of retrofitted products. We are on a mission to electrify Intra-City logistics and bring the widest range of electric vehicles tailor-made for this segment.”

Etrio Touro value proposition

For customers, Touro’s value proposition builds on operational cost savings of about 70 percent, and driver comfort owing to a gearless, smokeless and noiseless ride. Top range performance, and volumetric capacity comes with safety and stability standards. Battery and power train warranty guarantee makes for a hassle-free ownership experience.

Etrio Electric Three Wheeler

Etrio Touro features hydraulic brakes with regenerative braking, independent suspension, and cloud-based vehicle tracking through a driver mobile app. The vehicle’s success relies on its Lithium-Ion battery tech. Etrio also offers a certified product range with lead-acid for end-users.

With electrification being a focus area for e-commerce company logistics, and the need for valuable Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over diesel rickshaws, Tuoro has it’s sight set on modern day requirements and mandates. The company also has a comprehensive driver training and certification programme.

It’s tech prowess means logistics and e-commerce operators can access the nitty gritty on vehicle usage, and monitor real-time status of each vehicle in a fleet. Notifications for vehicle charging level, fleet management and maintenance can be optimised for optimised performance.

Preventive maintenance lets fleet operators stay on top of things, and situation in a line work that’s demanding on a daily basis. Monitoring can help fleet owners deal with any instance of rash driving patterns, and corrective countermeasures can be implemented to ensure top notch fleet management at all times.

Etrio Touro Max and Mini

A fixed price isn’t announced for Touro Max, and Mini as all products are customised to meet specific e-commerce requirements. This ranges based on battery chemistry, payload required, cubic capacity, and number daily kilometres. Touro Max and Mini are available for outright sale, and lease. Touro lease options are available to leading e-commerce companies that place an order for over 50 vehicles on a 3-year contract period.

Current production capacity stands at 500 units per month. Pilot runs are being held in Hyderabad, Delhi, and Bangalore. Opportunity is rife as an industry estimate puts the electrified three-wheeler segment at 50 percent by 2024.

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