Toyota Mirai fuel cell Europe-spec gets detailed

Toyota has released 91 photos of its Europe-spec Mirai fuel cell car. Described as the most environmentally friendly production car in the world today, Toyota Mirai has a driving range of 483 km, which is on par with gasoline powered vehicles.

Toyota Mirai is offered in two slectable drive models. ECO mode offers lower fuel consumption while POWER model allows for better powertrain response. The Toyota Fuel Cell System generates electricity from a chemical reaction between oxygen and hydrogen. This generated electricity is used to run the engine thus producing driving power. Acceleration form 0 to 100 kmph is achieved in 9.6 seconds while top speed stands at 178 kmph.

2016 Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell

Toyota has invested heavily in Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCV). New Toyota Mirai is part of the company’s sustainability program promising zero emission, cleaner future and environmentally friendly energy utilization. The only by-product of FCV is water vapor and is devoid of substances like CO2, NOx or SO2.

Toyota Mirai, which is the Japanese word for ‘future’, is the first product of the company’s development studies in FCV, which has spanned over last three decades. The company says that since confirming the first FCV in July 2015, a total of 1,900 buyers have signed up for this. This also means that there are more buyers for the Toyota Mirai than the company plans to produce during its first production year.

Toyota will make about 1,000 Mirais for 2016 model year and will ramp up production to around 3,000 units by end of 2017. Pricing of Toyota Mirai is pegged at $57,500 (INR 37,41,812). However, with buyers showing preference for the lease route it will mean a 36 month commitment at $499 per month and a down payment of around $3,500.


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