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Fast Charging Electric Cargo Rickshaw Launch Price Rs 3.59 Lakh

India's First Fast Charging Electric Cargo Rickshaw
India’s First Fast Charging Electric Cargo Rickshaw

Omega Seiki mobility and Log 9 Materials opens pre-bookings for launch of 2 Rage+ Rapid EV variants

Omega Seiki Mobility (OSM) has partnered with battery-tech startup Log 9 Materials. With this comes the launch of its 3-Wheeler Rage+ Rapid EV. It claims to be the Fastest charging 3- Wheeler EV Powered by InstaCharge Technology. Pre-booking for Rage+ Rapid EV Open Carrier Half Tray and Rage+ RapidEV with 140 cubic ft. top body container are now being accepted.

Pre-bookings are being accepted for 10 grands for the first 1,000 customers. The electric vehicles are currently listed at a discounted ex-showroom price of Rs 3.59 lakh, and Rs 3.99 lakh, respectively. Developed jointly, Rage+ RapidEV range caters to requirements of Indian consumers. The current festive season offer ensures a price adjustment of upto Rs 1 Lakh.

Pre-booking to delivery

Once the online pre-booking window closes, Omega Seiki/Log 9 team reps will connect with customers to complete the payment process and other formalities. Vehicles will be shipped to customers within a 4-6 week period from date of pre-booking.

Both Omega Seiki Rage+ Rapid EVs, on offer RapidX 6000 fast-charging batteries based on the flagship InstaCharge tech innovated by Log 9 Materials. This ensures that full charge is attained within 35 minutes. The company says battery design is optimised to take on wide ranging Indian weather conditions.

Operating temp ranges from -30°C to +60°C. Batteries are capable of 40,000 charge-discharge cycles. 10+ years of battery life is what has been stated. Range capacity on a single charge is listed at 90km. Rage+ RapidEV electric three-wheeler range is aimed at customers in the B2B last-mile cargo and delivery segment in India.

Fast Charging Electric Three Wheelers – Buy back guarantee

Omega Rage+ Rapid EVs are being sold with a buy back guarantee with 5 years after purchase. The buy back amount guaranteed is capped at a lakh. The approach is designed to address challenges faced when it comes to resale value of EVs. Rage+ Rapid EVs are offered with 5-year vehicle warranty, and 6-year battery warranty.

Log 9 is offering InstaCharge on Demand’. The phone-call-based EV charging service brings the high-power charger to a vehicle owners’ preferred location. Customers will have access to Log 9’s ‘InstaCharge App’, which will help users find location based charging stations at ease.

Fast charging on the go
Fast charging on the go

Mr. Uday Narang, Founder and Chairman, Omega Seiki Mobility said, “Omega Seiki Mobility (OSM) believes that the way to develop faster EV Technology is through creating alliances. We are elated to partner with Log9 Materials as we share common values of creating Made-In-India and Made-for-India products.

OSM is at the pinnacle of the cargo EV segment in India and with the launch of Rage+ Rapid EV, I am sure our customers will be delighted with the unique value proposition offered. Resolving range anxiety with industry-leading charging time will lead to more uptime for last-mile logistics customers as well as entrepreneurs, adding more firepower to their business.”

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