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Fastest East to West Record by Mojo, Karizma riders – 85 hours, 3,706 km

Three riders – Sudeep NS, Yogesh Chavan and Sandeep T., two of them riding Mahindra Mojo, and one riding Hero Karizma, have set a new record for the fastest to travel from Eastern-most point in India to the Western-most point in the least possible time on two wheels. The record set by them stands at 85 hours, in which, the trio covered a distance of 3,706 kms. They are seeking a place in the Limca Book of Records for this achievement.

Below is their story in their own words –

Date : 01.11.2016

Today is a very special day for us (Sandeep, Sudeep, Yogesh). Yes. Today is the day; where we going to start pushing our limits and achieve the target, which we were planning for so long!!

Let’s come back to Arunachal Pradesh.

Me (Sandeep T), Yogesh Chavan and Sudeep N S had planned to attempt for a Limca book of records “Fastest East to west expedition in Group from Tezu, Arunachal Pradesh to Koteshwar Mandir, Gujarat”.

On 31st afternoon (3.30PM) we reached Tezu, Aruanachal Pradesh. On reaching Tezu, in the first instance, we found to Chief Medical officer’s office at Tezu and we explained about our ride attempt to create a record and needed their attestation on start & also we met few south Indians there working in medical office.

Next we searched for the hotel and found a decent hotel named Taboka adjacent to Main Road. After freshening up we searched for govt officials in Tezu and found the Office of Superintendent of Police of Lohith District of Arunachal Pradesh.

We spoke to ‘PA to SP’ and we explained about our expedition and requested them to be there to witness our start from Tezu and to be a proof for our expedition. As informed by SP to come the next day Morning 11am for the same we have fixed our start time on 01.11.2016 @ 11.00AM.

Day -1: 01.11.2016 (Tuesday)

Woke up @ 5 Am to witness sunrise at Eastern most point of India, Sun enters India from here.

Everywhere there was lights on auspicious Diwali festival, Morning songs from a temple located nearby.

We did routine checkups like Oil, air pressure, brakes and chain tightness etc. We tightened our bikes transmission chains and I (Sandeep T) had opted for change of engine oil for Karizma, as we wanted to ride for more than 3000 kms.

Now we are ready to meet SP sir to take signature and to start the expedition by 11.00am. But due to Arunachal Pradesh CM “Pema Khandu” visit to Tezu so all the official have gone to attend meeting. We waited for SP at SP office for around 30 mins and witness our start and attestation on the documents to be submitted to Record Approval Authorities.

Mr. Ameresh Kumar Rai (One of the officers in Tezu SP office) adviced us that it may take more time for PS to arrive and told us to check for other options to start.

Visited Post office next to SP office, where post master was available. Yogesh and Sudeep tried to explain the post master about our expedition and with few Questions and answers Post Master given the attestation, meantime I (Sandeep) was waiting at SP’s office to inform others in case SP comes to office.

By the time Yogesh & Sudeep got signature from Post master on the form, SP has reached SP’s office and the police officer who helped us to meet Dy. SP for the first time Mr. Ameresh Kumar rai (from Gorokhpur & working in Tezu) and also an enthusiastic Motor cycle user, came to Sandeep and informed that “ Saheb aya hai, jaldi sign lelo, aapka time jaa raha hai” and helped to take attestation from SP on the documents and by that time was 5 minutes to 12.00pm.

As Yogesh and Sudeep had Bolt and Bubbler (Spotwalla) GPS tracking devices starting the application, we started towards SBI atm Located next to Police. Unfortunately, ATM was not delivering Slips so had to ride back backside post office to check another SBI ATM. There also ATM slip was not available. So we had to start our Journey without ATM slips for time stamp.

Filling the petrol in IOCL fuel station Tezu, we started our Journey to create some new kind of record, Heading towards Tinsukiya. Reached the under construction bridge site near Alubari ghat, Chongkham. Crossed river on a Ferry and had to ride on the road without tarmac and full of sand dust “More the speed, more you skid” kind. Since there were no other vehicles we had to wait for 15mins to fill the ferry and we crossed the River by 1.00pm. So first hour we have travelled only 15kms. Now the target was to keep 60 kmph average by end of the day. As we had already seen all the roads till Guwahati / Siliguri and had planned to reach Siliguri within 24 hrs of start.

Sudeep being the more experienced rider, me (Sandeep T) and Yogesh followed him. As Yogesh already have travelled approx 6k kilometres in past 12 days, and me covered over 3500kms in last 9 days following them with ease.

Near Arunachal Pradesh/Assam Border, we had taken Drinks break, took some chocolates, Water bottles and Rode till Mahadevpur in an Hour. Team lead by Sudeep with some past experience decided not to stop for at least next 250kms.  By 2.45pm we reached Tinsukia and headed towards Dibrugarh. Traffic was little higher in cities and Low at road next to Railway line. After riding almost 50kms on road parallel to railway line by 3.50pm approx, we reached Dibrugarh covering total 160-170kms in 4 hours with an average of 40kmph. By another 40-45 minutes we were close to Shivsagar. Now it was almost sunset and our night ride has already started. Roads are getting better and better and we were riding without any stop for approx 200kms. Two water breaks has been taken in Addition. Whenever thirsty, we ate one or two chocolates. Unfortunately, our back pack was not tied properly and we lost two full water bottles!!.

It was a moderate weather condition so we could easily cover another 80-100kms and we had reached Jorhat Bypass. Due to speeding lorries crossing each other with gapless close call, and restless ride of around 7 hours, we decided to stop for Dinner.

We found Kerala style hotel named Puja Dhaba and Bar in Jorhat bypass . Ordered 6 roti and Dal tadka, 3 tea and within 30 mins we were refreshed and started towards Tezpur Junction. Time was 7.11PM.

Next we stopped at Numaligarh, Golaghat for petrol as we wanted to travel at least 300kms further during night. Continued for another 75 kms, we have reached Jakhalabandha and stopped for tea break and took some rest. Planned to ride another 200 kms for the night and get some sleep/rest and wanted to start further towards Siliguri.

We found one hotel with Manja available for sleep near Nellie and we fell asleep & time was somewhere close to 1am.

Day 2: 02.11.2016 (Wednesday)

As usual, being a lead, Sudeep woke up 2.45am and alerted us get ready for the ride. Initially the atmosphere around was freezing cold, starting this time, Yogesh started leading the group. By 4.00 am we were at entrance of Guwahati. Long queue of Lorries made us tensed, now Sudeep started leading and a small confusing wrong turn by lead had taken 5-6 minutes more time to reach Brahmaputra River crossing Bridge.  We had tea at Digheli and Another 3 hours of slow and calm ride made us to reach Barpeta road, Bongaigaon and by 8.30am we were at NH27 deviation at Gossaigaon. Few photographs taken for memories and in between somewhere around 7.45am we had stopped at Restekpur (Name itself says, Take rest) for breakfast, we had heavy breakfast i.e. heavy stuffed aloo paratha. Had a small discussion about next targets for the day and safety instructions we have started Further.

Furhter we have stopped for a Fuel break next to Two cum four lane under construction road where only cash was accepted, Srirampur. Next was a non-stop ride and another wrong turn in empty road (but that was correct road to reach Siliguri), Turned around for 9kms left to Alipurduar, and connected back to NH27. Reached Dhupguri by 11am so estimated to reach Siliguri bypass by 1pm. We were on track as per targeted time and were happy for co-ordination and ride. However for our good luck, there was a road block before 10kms to Jalpaiguri,  where a Gas tanker fell off the road and fire extinguishers were on to reduce the danger that might cause due to huge gas leakage. A village off-roading for 30 mins, a water break. After the offroading we stopped for drinks break as we actually exhausted due to off roading and heat of Jaipaiguri, Few water bottles, a bottle of Sprite and then journey started. By 1.00pm we successfully crossed Siliguri bypass and covering 1050kms in 25 hrs making average close to 40kmph. (we were on one hour lag against our target of reaching Siliguri within 24hrs).

Crossed the Siliguri bypass and decided to stop for a chain inspection and break near Islampur.  In about 45 kms , we stopped near that mechanic shop as informed by Sudeep,  had  a beverage break and all three vehicles chain tightened and lubed properly so as to ride another 500kms by end of the day. Major goal was to cross Bihar and reach Lucknow by next day Afternoon. By 3.30pm we were at Purnea at Bihar crossing Islampur, Kishanganj. Now have to travel through East to west corridor road towards Araria. A cold drink and bio break and galloped to cross Bihar by night. A fuel stop at Araria and the road next to Nepal Border was so nice that we were constantly covering 70-75kms every hour making our average speed close to 50kmph. By 5.30pm we reached Koshi river crossing long bridge during sunset time was nice experience. I (Sandeep) started leading the team as my average speed of ride was less at night. We had to cross few sensitive areas of Bihar in night however most of them were bypass roads and we had other UP cars to follow. After crossing Darbhanga, at Maithi toll plaza, a quick stop for tea break and our ride started again.  In this stretch, we were covering the Km’s at ease. Covered 223 kms in 3 hrs.

Unfortunately in next 20-30kms, I (Sandeep) had to move on a high depth (1.5ft approx) pothole in middle of smooth highway near Khajuria and had dent in both front and rear alloy and Odometer stopped working as cable got disconnected and there were some scratches on my Shoes. Small tea break in next 10kms, checked the vehicle status and decided to start and take a halt at Gopalganj. On Gandak river bridge we literally scared as the bridge was vibrating as we move on the bridge, we have reached Gopalganj by 11PM and it took 2 hrs to reach 45kms. We searched for Stay and found Hotel Rajkumar Just opposite to bus stand and hotel where we could get Chapati, Dal rice as dinner. Quickly finished the dinner and when we were way out of hotel A police jeep came and enquired us why we were there and was there any trouble. We explained about damage to bike and moved to check-in the hotel. Contacted Aniket Mohite (Our Google) friend of Yogesh to help searching next Available Hero Service centre to avail quick service and fallen asleep.

Day 3: 03.11.2016 (Thursday)

Morning 6.00am as always Sudeep started troubling me to get up and get in queue of service centre for faster support. Informed Yogesh to fresh-up have breakfast and get ready. We sat at Showroom step from 7.30am to 8.15am and found that the alloy wheels not available for Karizma in that showroom.

At 9.30am we came back to hotel, checked out and Informed Yogesh start early and check in next town, which is Gorakhpur and search for the place where Alloy wheels for Karizma are available. Yogesh was always happy take the lead to help others. I (Sandeep) was riding at 80+ with the dented alloys and reached Gorakhpur by 10.30am. By this time Yogesh reached the Gorakhpur and found that one rear alloy was available with Pawan auto agency. Sudeep had an alternate idea of heading to Lucknow and check his Mojo’s for minor support. I had decided not to change the single alloy and decided to ride towards Lucknow. Now after spending almost 2 hours we came up with no solution and total time lag to our estimate was 12 hrs with all these incidents.

Now Yogesh was leading and heavy traffic to reach Gorakpur bypss road, around 15 mins in standstill traffic, Sudeep decided to turn back and use the same old bypass road from where we entered city. Finally by 1.00pm we were on the highway again. By this time we forgot that the Odometer of my bike was not working or got disconnected. Around 150-200kms of meter reading was not recorded in it. A cold drink and beverage stop, tea and Sprite stop has been taken next to bypass road. I opened the front fairing of Karzima ZMR and Sudeep helped to connect the Cable to Speedometer unit & Meter started working again and trip continued.

We headed towards Patna with full throttle. UP roads are so nice that, we were constantly riding at 80’s and reached Basti, Ayodhya by 3.00pm. rode another 80kms to Lucknow. Nearing to Lucknow we stopped for fuelling at Barabanki. Now we had task of replacing the alloy wheels asap, We got information from Sudeep’s friend at Lucknow Mr.Utkarsh Shukla that, due to Rally of Honourable CM of UP Akhilesh Yadav, most of the shops were closed in Lucknow so we decided to head till Jhansi and take rest and wait for next service centre in kota or Udaipur. Due to Huge traffic till Lucknow bypass road towards Kanpur, We have to spend another 2 hrs traffic till Raebareli Junction road. By 8.00pm we reached Kanpur and Targeted Jhansi to reach before we take rest. As per our plan, by 12.30am we reached Jhansi and stopped for a fuel and Forgot to take dinner. Just after bypassing Jhansi, at around 1.30am , Weather getting  cold and freezing , I have insisted to take a break for dinner and Sleep for two to three hours and start fresh day in early morning. There was a small Dhaba where we got Tandoori roti and Dal. By the time food arrived, Yogesh was already asleep. A traveller from Nepal who was heading to Indore met us, asked about our expedition, appreciated and gave us little more energy to cover next 1300kms in 24hrs. I slept on floor next to the cooking furnace where as Sudeep also did some arrangement to sleep. For Yogesh it was like not at all cold I think.

Day 4: 04.11.2016 (Friday)

By 4.30am we all woke up and got ready with Bio break, tea and fresh up to complete the ride by end of the day. The last day ride was epic and almost a history in all of our earlier rides. Morning 5.00am we started in a well maintained Madhya Pradesh 4 lane roads with more Indian traffic police (Cows) and we stopped at Borkhandi by 8.40am which is before Kota  for tea break we struggled in Kota for bypassing the city where Bypass road not yet finished and we were frustrated to exit the town and took almost 1 hour to exit Kota.  Now, Wonderful highway towards Chittorgarh made us to reach 40kms to Chittorgarh by 11.30am and we stopped for next fuel station. Washed our face, Hot sun was draining us up constantly and next phase of the ride started. Headed towards Udaipur and Mount Abu road. By 2.00pm Udaipur nonstop ride and wonderful bypass road towards Mt abu made us to reach Pindwara by 3.10pm.

Now the well-known highway towards Palanpur started and last 600kms left to complete a new set of record. Now our average speed came up to 80+kmph and Yogesh started leading the Game. A new red Mahindra KUV 300 started chasing us to take some pics with us, but we had bigger goal to achieve. By 4.30pm we crossed Palanpur and hit Deesha bypass to reach Bhuj via Radhanpur.

A Cold Drink break after a crossing Deesha and around 86kms to Radhanpur gave us a big relief. Also we had a bigger day time to ride today (might be an extended 1 hr or so). And clean and wide roads, Sudeep started leading for some more distance and instructed others to follow and drag till sunset to cover max distance in day time. By sunset, we were close to Radhanpur and had to stop for fuelling. Another 400kms to go, and we estimated to reach 400kms in next 7-8 hrs and might be morning 5am we could reach destination taking total of close to 90 hrs for ride.

Compared to Previous 107 hrs record in March 2015, our group record can be considered as a good attempt. Now the sleep ride started, It was dangerous, risky and between the lorrys, dust, towards cold windy location. Around 8.00pm we reached Lakhadia and Hit bypass road towards Bhachu, 6 lane road towards Kandla, Taking a deviation towards recently constructed two lane traffic Road toward Bhuj was tedious and there were no proper lane marking. A railway crossing and another 30-40kms ride, Now we decided that we have easily achievable 200kms to go. Reached Bhuj by 10.00pm and bypass road was almost empty making us to cross Bhuj within 15 mins.

Another 150kms to go. Now we estimated to reach within 4 hours, i.e, by 2 am completing record in 86hrs. But roads were better than expected and freezing cold waves started to hit us as we were riding through forest area.

Taking another tea break at 10.30 pm at Nakhatrana, we were confident to cover next 100kms in 2 hrs. Straight, up and down roads with speed breakers, deep turns, bridges, blind curves and most adventurous road of all time with alternate heat and cold wind blasts due to water crossing, plantations etc etc,  speeding up and slowing down for next two hours, by 12.45am, we reached entrance of Narayan Sarovar and started searching for ATM for time stamp. Again for our disappointment, Bank of Baroda ATM not yet opened in that location. By 1.00am we found Police station and talked to the Night duty cop about our arrival to complete record and with total timing of 85 Hours covering 3706kms with lots of challenges, ups and downs and Difference in opinions, ego, Arguments, Dedication etc etc. Finally our ride from East most town of India, Tezu (Arunachal Pradesh) to Koteshwar (Gujarat) has ended safely on Nov 5th, 1.00am.

I (Sandeep) would like to take this opportunity for thanking Sudeep, Yogesh for Joining hands in successful Completion.

We thank you all for your support for Successful completion of the Record Mr. Pritham support at Stating point Kolkata, Mr. Aniket Mohite online tracking and assistance, Mahindra Mojo Service centres Yogesh have Visited with help of Abhijit, Ramakrishna for helping financially to Sudeep N S. All friends and Family for encouraging us with good words and Moral support.

Our Face Book Profice ID’s



Brief Summary of our Ride:


  1. Sudeep N S (Mahindra Mojo, 2016)
  2. Yogesh Chavan (Mahindra Mojo, 2016 )
  3. Sandeep T (Hero Honda Karizma ZMR, 2011)

Start: Tezu-Arunachal Pradesh, 1 November 2016, 12.00pm
End: Koteshwar-Gujarat, 5 November 2016, 1.00am
Distance Covered: 3706kms
Time Taken: 85 Hours.

Link to Spotwalla, where you can track the journey of the trio – https://spotwalla.com/tripViewer.php?id=12ae558119f898ad11

PS –

– This is the first group record
– There has been a solo record before, by Arnab Gupta. In around 119 hours in December 2013
– There have been many blog reports of other people who have completed east to west as early as 68 hours, but none of them have been approved by Limca book of records

Just a few weeks back, we wrote about the achievements of Mr Balaji Mohan, who created history by completing Leh to Kanyakumari (3,822 km) in 61 hours and 38 minutes – smashing the old record by more than 15 hours. He too is aiming to do a East to West run, later next year. Will he be able to break the record set by Sudeep NS, Yogesh Chavan and Sandeep T.? Only time will tell.

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