Father of biker killed in Delhi while racing, says ban superbikes

24 year old Himanshu Bansal was riding a Benelli TNT 600i at over 100 kmph when he crashed and lost his life. Images - NDTV.

24 year old Himanshu Bansal died in an accident on Monday when he tried to avoid hitting a pedestrian on the streets of Sikandar Road in Central Delhi. His father Suresh Bansal had gifted him with a new Benelli TNT 600i just 8 months earlier and rues the day he presented his son with this pricey superbike.

This gift was at his son’s insistence and Suresh regrets the day he gave in to his son’s demands. He has called for a ban on superbikes and he, like others in his family, also hope other parents will not make this same mistake.

Himanshu Bansal.

In an interview with NDTV, Suresh Bansal said that he wants the Government of India to ban superbikes. He states that these bikes are not meant for our roads and are better suited for more developed countries where road conditions are more conducive and traffic more regulated.

Himanshu Bansal, 24, died in a crash on Monday. As per the police, he was racing along with his firends at high speed and lost control of his bike while trying to avoid a pedestrian. Himanshu’s bike crashed into the sidewalk and he was thrown off the bike.

The bike spun for around 100 meters before coming to a halt. CCTV footage and an action camera fitted to his friend’s helmet reveal that Himanshu’s bike was travelling at over 100 kmph. He was racing along with his two friends who were also on super bikes all three of which were travelling way above to permitted speed limit.