Ferrari F40 supercars largest gathering ever scheduled for July 20-22 at Silverstone (Photos)

Ferrari Owners Club of Great Britain have announced that they will celebrate the Silverstone Classic, to be held in July this year, by gathering the most number of Ferrari F40 supercars ever.To celebrate 25 years of this jaw dropping mean machine and commemorate 40 years of road car production by Ferrari, a demonstration of over 50 V8 twin- turbocharged F40 supercars will be on display. Hold your breath! This gathering is going to be a world record gathering of the largest number of Ferrari’s gathered at an event.

Ferrari F40 was launched 25 years ago in 1987 and it was the fastest production car of its generation. Ferrari F40 was also the last Ferrari car to be commissioned by the great Enzo Ferrari and it was also the first production car in the world to hit the 200 mph (320 kmph) barrier. Even today,Ferrari F40 is considered amongst the fastest cars on the planet. The Ferrari-gathering event is organized by Ferrari Owners Club, Great Britain. Silverstone Classic 2012 will be held from July 20 to 22. Supercar enthusiasts from all over Great Britain and rest of the world are expected to join in the celebration.

Mr Nigel Chiltern-Hunt, Ferrari Owners’ Club of Great Britain said: “Our original aim was to get at least 25 of these Ferraris together and, as I have contacted owners, I have been gratified that so many want to be part of the celebration – so much so that we now have more than 50 F40s registered for the event with more still to come. A parade of those F40s present is planned for the Sunday and it undoubtedly will be the largest gathering of F40s ever seen anywhere in the world and will certainly beat the club’s own previous record of 40 F40s seen at the Silverstone Classic in 2007.”