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New Fiat Punto EVO vs old Grande Punto compare review

Earlier Fiat Punto was known for its unique snout with cheeky grille and surprised headlamps. The charm of Grande Punto was a USP in premium hatchback segment and when we saw the new Punto EVO, we were truly amazed. Unlike namesake facelifts carrying subtle addition and removal of trims on grille and bumpers, Fiat has done a remarkable job of upgrading the fascia of Punto EVO.

Grande Punto’s round-edged headlamps, rectangular grille with square mesh and deep seated fog lamps with silver accents together gave anime look to the car. In Punto EVO, same feel is boosted with all above elements redesigned with a hint of chrome. New Fiat Punto manages to look a bit aggressive as well.

Rear fascia of Grande Punto was appreciated for its shape and high mounted tail lamps. Punto EVO retains the form and bears LED tail lights with partial clear lens and fog lamps in place of reflectors; and a bit of chrome there as well.

Grande Punto did not have great interiors. It shared dashboard and equipment with older Fiat Linea / Linea classic but quality in hatchback was not the same as in sedan. Cabin was filled with dual tone – light and dark grey plastics and fabrics. Centre console had silver-esque decors that was not very pleasant. In short, Interiors of earlier Punto was not admired as much as its exteriors were.

The Italian automaker managed to rectify the same in Punto EVO, rather it is safe to say they did so in 2014 Linea when it comes to looks and design of dashboard. In new Punto, they retained same quality as in new Linea and this is a boon to Punto fans. Top end diesel Sports variant gets full black cabin theme and rest of variants, Active, Dynamic and Emotion get dual tone interiors including door panels and seat upholstery fabric.

Instrument cluster layout is similar to Grande Punto but EVO gets extruded dial pot with borderline trims. Colour pattern of Multi Function Display is inverted in EVO compared to older model; now it is orange text on black background.

Features wise there is not much of a difference, Punto EVO has rear AC vents with bottle holder. Fiat actually could have loaded Punto EVO with facilities like automatic headlamps, lane change indicators, automatic wipers and most importantly, audio streaming via bluetooth.Coming to most important part, engine options in new Punto EVO consist of same set seen in earlier model. 1.2 liter and 1.4 liter petrol engines pushing 68.22 PS and 89.5 PS respectively and 1.3 litre MultiJet diesel engine in two tunes 76 PS and 92.72 PS respectively.

Which means, new Punto is no more agile than the old one and the latter was not a great performer. We drove Punto EVO 90 HP diesel Sport variant and 90 PS petrol version.

Here is price list of new Fiat Punto EVO:

Punto Evo Petrol Active – Rs 4.5 lakhs
Punto Evo Petrol Dynamic – Rs 5.12 lakhs
Punto Evo Petrol Emotion – Rs 6.6 lakhs

Punto Evo Diesel Active – Rs 5.2 lakhs
Punto Evo Diesel Dynamic – Rs 6.2 lakhs
Punto Evo Diesel Emotion – Rs 6.6 lakhs
Punto Evo Diesel Sport – Rs 7.2 lakhs

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