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Indian drivers love in-car stereos, Ford survey reveal

Ford Driving Habits Survey 2015 points to 8 of 10 Indians going on a short, recreational trip at least once a month. This takes the country’s recreational drive attitude to top spot shared with the Chinese, and is ranked higher than those in Australia, Philippines and Thailand.

Ford Driving Habits Survey 2015 responses

55 pct of those driving in India claim to take more than one road-trip each month. 28 pct drivers travel to weekend destinations at least once in four weeks. The trend underscores India’s sizeable youth in workforce and increased incomes resulting in growth in disposable income. As a result, Indians are increasingly mobile and interested in exploring new places.

Ford Driving Habits Survey 2015 findings also reveals Indians spend more time in their cars than drivers in Australia, China, Thailand and Philippines. This takes into consideration short leisurely weekend road-trips, time spent in traffic for daily commute, and other driving instances.

Ford Driving Habits Survey 2015

Ford Driving Habits Survey reveals 49 pct of respondents in India spend 12 hours or more per week, or more than 100 minutes in their cars each day. The number is higher than the Asia Pacific region average where 42 pct of respondents claim to spend the same time in driving. 14 pct of drivers in India spend up to three hours a day driving.

A majority of Ford Driving Habits Survey respondents cite accident or driving in congested traffic as anxiety drivers. Other causes of anxiety among drivers in AP region include contact with animals. Hitting an animal caused anxiety among 40 pct Australians. Finding a parking spot stresses 60 pct of Chinese drivers. 32 pct Indians are stressed about hitting a pedestrian. 70 pct respondents in Philippines worry about rising fuel price. In Thailand, 46 pct drivers are troubled when driving at night. 43 pcts find it difficult to deal with two wheeler riders.

Ford Driving Habits Survey 2015 reveals AP region drivers are inclined to use long hours spent commuting constructively, and search for intuitive features. Entertainment focused features like in-car stereo systems are most sought after. 70 pct respondents In India view it as their favourite in-car feature. A quarter of drivers admit excessive use of mobile phones to take selfies or browse social media websites when driving.

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