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New Ford Fiesta Long Term Review – Initial Report, Photo Gallery

Latest Ford Fiesta on shelf is not a car that sells with flying colours. It maintains consistent monthly numbers but not as nearly as much as the sedan deserves, based on first impression. So we have taken the 2014 Fiesta for long term review to evaluate how much of a life partner the car really is.

Looks – 2014 Ford Fiesta facelift is easily one of the trendiest sedan in the crowded C-segment. The Aston Martin inspired front grille, curious swept-back headlamp, concealed fog lamps, stylish alloy wheels, gradually rising side profile, sharp shoulder line, ornamental chrome strip adding fashion, rather simple tail lamps and spoiler integrated to boot lid, make the car as contemporary as the nameplate can get. Overall appeal of new Fiesta can be reckoned as classy and sporty, helping the car satisfy the ego of its owner.

Interior – First thing one would notice is that the cabin looks very modern and totally unorthodox. Ample use of accents of different colours give a unique feel of satisfaction spending time inside the Fiesta. Piano black and silver trims are cleverly and adequately used among grey and dirty white colour scheme, keeping the aura fresh and never dull. Speaking of not dull, the white and blue lights on instrument cluster and centre console display are simply rich and full of life. No way Ford Fiesta’s cockpit, or even rest of the room, would feel monotonous or distasteful in due time.

Equipment and switch gears are ergonomically placed, except for some buttons on the angular infotainment system. USB, AUX-in and 12V power supply ports are wisely placed so that cables to the end device do not entangle around gear rod or interfere in any way, except for impromptu use of handbrake around corners which serene drivers will never dream of doing.

Focus to the ports on centre tunnel have reminded us of the incredibly utilitarian cabin folks at Ford have designed. Apart from small slots sizeable enough to rest smartphones, there are plenty of storage facilities, not to mention cupholders. There is one secret stash for driver ahead of his right knee, generous space is offered by map pockets on front doors (alone), glove box is not large enough to shove regular laptops but not bad, two small cubby holes to store the remote key fob (one beneath AC controls and other below USB port), three cup / bottle holders incentive tunnel which can accommodate large items as well, netted sunglass holder on ceiling, seat back pouches behind both front seats, two bottle / cup holders on rear armrest and expansive parcel tray behind rear head restraints which by the way is absent for the fifth passenger (at the centre of rear bench). All these storage facilities make the 2014 Ford Fiesta one appreciable vehicle for a lot of get aways, if not to live in. This would also make one opine that the sedan is designed keeping in mind all five, nay four passengers, for a car that is known to be driver centric.

Drivability – Ford Fiesta like other Ford offerings is termed drivers’ car because of the way it handles and provides surplus driving pleasure. We back that claim. The Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) system works like a charm sending ample natural feedback to arms establishing a fruitful bond between driver and road. Even at very, very high speeds, the car maintains composure and steering does not give up.

Engine is a turbocharged 4-cylinder 1.5 litre SOHC (Single Over Head Camshaft) all-aluminium unit, generating 91 PS max power @ 3,750 rpm and 204 Nm peak torque @ 2,000 – 2,750 rpm. The motor is not over noisy and has good refinement levels if not the best. Power delivery is not at all bad albeit pronounced turbo-lag and consequential lack of low-end grunt. In peak torque band and beyond, the engine helps the car propel with energetic force which overshadows the not-all-that-scanty low-end. Mileage retuned during initial tests is 14.9 kmpl. The 5-speed transmission’s gearshift quality is commendable as well.

Ride quality is also admirable, in challenging terrains. The Fiesta, meaning entire car tends to wobble while steering left and right continually, due to the way its dampers are tuned, but it does not hinder confidence or act out of balance while performing tactical manoeuvres. Similar behaviour can be experienced while hitting bumps or speed breakers at higher than recommended speeds. The car pitches and bobs and the shocks bottom-out often throughout the hurdle exercise, but keeps occupants at their best and maintains body control impeccably. Only worry is that ABS seems to kick in prematurely, making those bobs inevitable even when a speed breaker is spotted well before last moment.

Verdict – While the detailed explanation of 2014 Ford Fiesta‘s character / road behaviour may seem too thorough to some, to make one think twice, we recommend otherwise. Ford Fiesta would definitely move up the list a prospective C-segment sedan buyer has in his hand, after he takes a test drive. And the test is well deserved by the car before completely ruling it out for one of the segment leaders. In our opinion, everything about the new Fiesta feels rich, sturdy and reassuring, to be long term partner not just for review, but for ownership.

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