Ford installs new camera technology in cars which lets you see round corners – Video

When approaching a blind junction or while exiting a driveway, Ford Front Split View Camera comes into play. It allows drivers a 180 degree view of the oncoming traffic, pedestrians or cyclists at round corners, on an otherwise blind junction. This view is displayed on an 8” screen located on the dashboard of the car.

Cars That Can See Around Corners
For drivers, blind junctions can be a nerve-wracking experience as they slowly inch forward into traffic and strain to see and hear oncoming vehicles. The camera based safety system can be operated at a single touch of a button.

Ford Front Split View Camera system costs £400. It allows drivers to see even when their own eye line is impeded due to blind junction, walls or narrow driveways. A telescopic jet washer ensures the tiny lens is scrupulously clean so as to offer crystal clear vision as dirt and dust may hamper or distort the image.

This tech has been installed on Ford S-MAX and Galaxy models in Europe; and on 2015 Ford Edge and 2016 Explorer in the US and China.

“This technology will certainly make emerging from anywhere with a restricted view so much safer and the experience less nerve-wracking for those behind the wheel.”

As was seen in the success of rear view camera, the new Ford Front Split View Camera will also be one of these technologies that drivers will soon find indispensible. It is not yet ascertained whether this technology will be fitted to other models other than the Ford S-MAX and Galaxy in Europe and 2015 Ford Edge and 2016 Explorer in US and China. However, once its success is ascertained, it may make its presence felt throughout Ford’s SUV lineup and across the world by 2020.

Ford Front Split View Camera – Video

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