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Ford Mustang Electric Mach-E SUV debuts with 480 kms range

Ford Mustang electric SUV

The first ever Ford Mustang SUV is here, and it is electric. That’s a lot to digest, if you have been a fan of the Mustang. But it has happened, and Ford says that it has been a long time coming. This new Ford electric SUV aims to take on the Tesla Model Y SUV.

Apart from the similar looking headlights and the tail lights, there is not much similarities between the regular Mustang and this electric Mustang. Helping the Ford Mustang electric appear to be future-ready, stylish and sporty – are design elements like coupe styled roof, fully enclosed grille in the front, hidden door handles, larger alloys, etc.

If the new Mustang Electric SUV hints of a Mustang from outside, it is the Explorer SUV that seems to be the inspiration behind its interior design. Featuring a minimalistic interior, the new Ford Mustang Mach-E comes with a 15.5 inch large touchscreen infotainment system, which takes car of all the car’s settings, etc.

Ford Mustang electric SUV

Behind the steering wheel is a free standing instrument panel, which too is all digital. Ford has tried to keep the number of buttons on the inside, to the minimum. The only buttons on offer are for windows, steering mounted controls, start / stop. Below the large infotainment system, is a wireless charger for your smartphone. AC vents are seamlessly integrated into the dashboard. There is also a drive mode selector knob near the driver arm rest.

The cabin is roomy, and spacious. On the top, there is a large panoramic sunroof. Front windows are large, but rear are comparatively smaller, thanks to the coupe design. For rear passengers, there are rear AC vents. Front seats are power adjustable.

Boot space is also huge. You can now store luggage at the usual place, behind rear seats, or under the bonnet in the front. The rear trunk offers storage space of 821 liters, which can be expanded to 1,688 liters by folding the rear seats. Front trunk offers a space of 136 liters.

Ford Mustang Electric Mach-E SUV is offered in a choice of 5 variants. The base model is called Select. It is priced from $43,895 (Rs 31,47 lakhs). This variant is offered in two options – Rear Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive. Both variants have the same electric motor and battery setup, offering max power of 255 hp. Torque output for RWD variant is 414 Nm while for the AWD variant is 581 Nm. 0-100 kmph rating for the RWD variant is about 6.5 seconds while it has a drive range of 370 kms. AWD variant has a 0-100 kmph time of about 5.5 seconds and a drive range of 338 kms.

Next variant on offer is the Ford Mustang Mac-E Premium. This variant is priced from $50,600 (Rs 36.28 lakhs). It will be offered in standard range as well as long drive range; in all wheel drive as well as rear wheel drive. The long range model with rear wheel drive has max output of 282 hp and 414 Nm. It has a drive range of 483 kms and does 0-100 kmph in 6.5 seconds approx. The AWD variant of the same, delivers 333 hp and 581 Nm torque. It does 0-100 kmph in 5.5 seconds approx, and has a range of 435 kms.

Then there is the Mach-E California Route 1 variant. This one is priced from $52,400 (Rs 37.57 lakhs). This variant is the same as extended long range RWD variant, with same specs for engine and drive range. Above this is the Mach-E First Edition. This one is priced from $59,900 (Rs 42.95 lakhs). It is an AWD model with 333 hp and 414 Nm torque. Range is 435 kms.

Above this is going to be the Mach-E GT, which will be launched at a later date. Details are not yet revealed, but approx figures say that it will do a 0-100 kmph run in under 4 seconds and will have a drive range of over 400 kms.

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