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Gang of 4 make a fool of Honda Activa rider and steal lakhs – Video

We have read / heard about incidents where strangers come up to you and start conversations like – your vehicle’s tyre has punctured, your vehicle is leaking oil / fuel, your wallet fell on the road and so on.

Sometimes, the reason they do this is to distract you, so that they can steal your valuables, cash, etc. This is exactly what has happened once again, but this time, the entire incident has been recorded on camera.

Somewhere in Delhi, a middle-aged man riding Honda Activa was told by a couple on a motorcycle that his Activa’s engine was leaking oil from the rear. Hearing this, the man decides to stop his bike on the side of the road in a not-so-busy residential area.

After stopping his Activa, this man takes a look at the rear of his vehicle, and finds nothing unusual. At this moment, it is interesting to see how the gang (two bikes, two male, one female) is working in the background, like clockwork. The couple who told the man about leaking fuel, goes a bit ahead on the same road.

So if the Activa man wants to have a conversation with the couple, and discuss what exactly they were trying to tell was the problem with his scooter, he will have to walk a little down the road. The man bites the bait. He walks to the couple on the motorcycle. At the same time, another motorcycle rider, who was in the background, comes near the Activa and stops in such a way that he can hide the gang’s fourth member who was on foot, from being seen by the Activa owner.

The thief who was on foot, like an expert, manages to open the under-seat storage compartment of the Honda Activa in a matter of 1-2 seconds, and removes the bag filled with cash. He soon sits on the motorcycle, and scoots off with his partner. At the same time, the couple too scoot off in other direction.

The owner of Honda Activa, unaware of the robbery, starts walking towards his vehicle. It is only when a lady on the road, who saw the duo take money from Activa and run, told the Activa owner, that he realized what had happened. But it was too late by then. All four had scooted off and the man was left with nothing.

A police complaint has been filed and the cops are looking into the incident. But there is not much they can do in spite of the CCTV footage. Guess why? The faces of all four were culprits were covered (three wearing full face helmet, and one covering his face with a handkerchief). To make matters worse, license plate of the motorcycles were missing. The gang knew where the CCTV camera was, and finished the job like a pro.

Watch the CCTV footage below.

Moral of the story – Do not believe everything that strangers tell you on the road. Be alert, and act smart.

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