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When you watch a young girl being stabbed to death, and do nothing

While mobs make roads unsafe for any reason at all, there’s very little evidence of large groups of people coming together by way of intervention when they witness crime.

For a long time such behaviour has been attributed to passerby being harassed by cops when they report accident cases. But honestly, that can’t be all. Watching people die and not doing anything about it is testimony to how non-emotive the crowds are. Widespread apathy is a reality.

It is understandable that you lose your wits or shut down when facing a scary situation but one would be jolted out of it soon enough considering unity in numbers means something.

21-year-old schoolteacher Karuna, was stabbed at least 20 times, and hit with a stone and kicked by her assailant. All this in full view of plenty of people on the street, all of whom who chose to move away rather than intervene, except one man who made an attempt to approach but stepped away.

Of course young Karuna is now dead. She wouldn’t have had she not been stabbed repeatedly in view of people who chose not to step in.

CCTV footage from Burari, North Delhi show a man on a motorcycle approach her. He was caught by locals when he tried to flee from the scene. The assailant, a married man was her neighbour previously and used to like her. Having begun harassing her at the time, Karuna’s family had approached the police, and both families had reached a compromise. Obviously the killer was not happy with the compromise.

This is not the first case, infact this is the second case in under 24 hours reported in Delhi where a woman has been stabbed on the road. Rushlane urges readers to be alert on the road, help those who are in trouble, like this man once did.

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