People power: Good Samaritans lift bus and car to rescue trapped man (video)

At a busy street in China, a man finds himself underpinned by a full size bus. The shock and danger of his situation renders him silent, but only momentarily. Within a few seconds, a passerby calls out to others on the road to come together and try and lift the bus the bus to see if they can rescue the accident victim. Together, the good Samaritans get an one two push rhythm going and before long the accident victim is pulled out from his position of imminent danger by 20 good Samaritans. Still cowering and silent, it’s no doubt he would soon have received medical attention. Among those rescuing him is a traffic cop.

Good Samaritans rescue trapped man
CCTV footage show Good Samaritans rescue trapped man

While the video doesn’t offer a concrete idea of what happens at the end, it sure had to be good and drifts to an emergency ICU rescue are closeup shot. The video then blends with a similar incident that took place in Jiangsu Province a few days earlier. At a wide intersection in whats seems like slow moving traffic, a cyclist and a car come in contact causing the car to run over him.

The seemingly distraught vehicle occupants immediately stop the car, and start peeking below and approach him to find a solution. Quickly onlookers, and other road users gather and take it upon themselves to lift the car and rescue the trapped cyclist from below the vehicle. The impromptu Good Samaritans’ lift and rescue gesture was completed in 98 seconds.