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Google can tell whether a new car / bike will be successful or not even before official launch

Auto industry search trends online offer crucial buyer behavior insight. Latest Google research points to buying patterns being closely related to online search, a prominent decision-making tool for car buyers in India.

No surprise then that auto marketers have their job cut out for them. They key is to cater to buyers as they get online to research, plan, and buy. Nine out of ten car buyers turn to Google Search for purchase decisions based on information and knowledge gathered through online search.

Thanks to search data, Google can not only accurately predict whether a new car / bike will be a success upon launch, they can also tell us sales of cars upon launch, long before official figures are released.

With car buying patterns greatly influenced by online search, information related to car specifications, reviews, and model comparisons are popular. 54 percent buyers change their mind after online research. The initial shortlist is quickly modified based on answers found online, and the search is intent even when buyers are at a dealership.

Search queries offer real-time indicators of buying preference. The Google India and Kotak Institutional Equities study found correlations between aggregate search volume and economic activity, which means advanced bookings can be noted in real time, narrowing it down to daily insights for auto industry manufacturers.

High search volume during launch correlates with advance bookings. Higher used car search volume can mean a dip in new car sales.Almost 3 of 4 car buyers trust firsthand information from a manufacturer the most.

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