Govt. aims to make roads safer, and punish offenders under Road Transport and Safety Bill 2014

Govt. aims to make roads safer, and punish offenders under Road Transport and Safety Bill 2014The new bill which Gadkari indicates will be introduced in the Winter Session of Parliament could generate upto 10 lakh new jobs. It stipulates INR 3 lakh fine and upto 7 years imprisonment for death of a child, hefty fines for traffic violations while the bill also proposes a INR 5 lakh per vehicle fine and imprisonment for faulty manufacturing design. Rash and negligent driving could entail a fine of INR 1 lakh or imprisonment for six months. Drunken driving will attract a fine of INR 25,000 or imprisonment besides a six month suspension of license. Repeat offences in a period of three years will see an INR 50,000 fine, imprisonment for upto one year or both besides a 12 month suspension of license.

Road Transport and Highways Minister of India, Nitin Gadkari has commended this new bill which has been drafted in sync with best practices in US, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Germany and the UK. It speaks of safe, efficient, cost effective and faster means of transport across the country and implementation of strict penalties on traffic offenders.

Overloading of heavy vehicles under the new bill will also be addressed with the government planning to install electronic weighing bridges at toll booths. These weigh bridges will be connected via satellite which will negate the possibility of human interference and reduce corruption. Overloaded trucks will set off an alarm thus instantly generate a fine.

Various other regulations will come into effect with the passing of this new bill while separate agencies for vehicle registration, road safety and vehicle approvals will also come into existence thereby creating increasing job opportunities.

Below is the original copy of the draft which will be presented in the parliament.